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Do I still need to register w/ INS if already have pending I-130 + removal proceedings?

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  • Do I still need to register w/ INS if already have pending I-130 + removal proceedings?

    I am from one of the countries that need to register with INS. Do I still need to register w/ INS if already have pending I-130 + removal proceedings for overstay? Already released on bond and waiting for reply on I-130. Any possible consequences?
    Is anyone else in a similar situation? Any sincere info would be highly appreciated.
    God Bless All and Happy Holidays!!!

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    I am from one of the countries that need to register with INS. Do I still need to register w/ INS if already have pending I-130 + removal proceedings for overstay? Already released on bond and waiting for reply on I-130. Any possible consequences?
    Is anyone else in a similar situation? Any sincere info would be highly appreciated.
    God Bless All and Happy Holidays!!!


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      Do you have a date to see an immigration judge ??
      I think that you have to register even if you have a pending case. go to the INS website and you will see that even thoses with pending cases need to register...check with your lawyer if you have one...and just register so you won't get your case more complicated...good luck and happy hoidays to you too.


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        Thanks LLL for your answer. I have a date to see IJ during the registeration period. My lawyer is going to look into the situation and get back with me. I would have to go before IJ at my local INS office ( IJ by phone from another city ). I was wondering if anyone has a similar experience/situation. I have absolutely no reservations about registeration and I will comply with what is required. Reading about others, with pending apps for adj. of status, who were arrested and put into detention when they showed up to register, worries me. I was already put in detention when found out of status, later released on bond. I am not sure how they will look at it now as I am waiting for adjudication on an I-130(while in removal proceedings) for me submitted by my USC spouse. Is it a good idea to bring it up while in front of IJ and see what IJ reccommends, since the INS attorney will also be there, on the court date and then register afterwards?
        Many many Thanks to al who take time to read and answer to my situation. God Bless All and Happy Holidays!!!


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          If you have an I-130 filed, why are you being removed for overstaying? If you're out of status and married do you still get removed? Or did your removal process start before you got married?
          How does it work?


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            Welcome Genealogist # Since February 1999, to:

            Fick Family Civil War Letters


            Recently I had the good fortune to meet On-line, my second Cousin (once removed), Larry Comstock. He sent me some Civil War letters written by our Fick ancestors. Not only is this a genealogical treasure, it is an Historical one as well. Doubly so since the Civil War is my favorite period of historical study, and now I have Ancestors I can place there! Which is why it is my Great pleasure to share these letters with other Family Members, Genealogists, and Historians. I hope all of you enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks Larry!

            Larry sent the first letter with this comment: "Civil War letter written in 1862 (My guess is it was written by one of the Fick brothers to their sister Emma Johanna Louise Friderik Fick)."

            I was surprised by the fancy stationary, (enough to turn it into a background) but then I realized, that it was written durring the first half of the War, and to a female relative. So, it makes sense that the fancy paper would have been still available, and that it would have been used to write the women back home. (In fact, it reminds me of the paper I got durring Navy Boot camp, and had through my first year in the Military. Not the same of course, mine said NAVY and had a U.S. Navy logo on it, but the over all idea in Military Stationary hasn't changed much it seems.) Although the scanned image is difficult to read, I am putting the first part up, just because I was so taken with the image. The letter itself will be transcribed below....

            The Book in her hand says "THE UNION FOREVER AND EVER"

            -----Transcript of above letter-----

            Helena Arkansas

            July 17th 1862

            Dear Sister,

            After a long and tedious march we arrived at this place. We arrived here on the 14th after marching almost night and day for 150 miles and fighting nearly all the way. The rebels had cut trees and fell them in our road but we soon cleared them away. The first we were attacked was about 12 miles below Jacksonport. Some 200 rebels fired into our brain (?) while we were returning with corn and 7 miles from camp. There was only about 75 of us teamsters and all but they ----- (? ) only fired and ran like the devil and we only got a glimpse of them through the cam brakes.(?)

            I forgot to tell you that I have been driving team for over a month yes a regular 6 mule team with one line that is the way I happened in the first skirmish well I must tell you more about it. When they first fired into us the teams all started and run like the devil was after them and the bulletts whistled about my head my team ran against a tree so they could not get away so I left them and tried to find an officer but I could not so I got out in the road and yelled and swore untill I rallied about 25 or 30 of the guard and we started back to where the firing was heard but I did not take time to get my gun out of the wagon but started on yelling to the boys "come on lets give them hell" but I could not get a sight at them.

            Well we went back to the teams and by that time the officers of the guard came up and I left them and went to getting my team loose from the tree by the time we had done this and got straightened out in the road again there was nearly a regiment of cavelry came up to reinforce us so we started for camp again. the first first volley that was fired they killed 4 of our rearguard 1 leuitenant a corporal and 2 privates of the Posva Calvery. I hauled 2 of them to camp in my wagon. The cavelry went back and hunted the rebels up and killed 10 or 12 of them but it was so dark they could not follow them any longer so they had to return to camp.

            Since then we have had more or less fighting every day until we reached here on day about 400 of our men fought 2000 Rebels and drove them off killing over 200 of them while we had but 4 killed 36 wounded 3 of the killed were from our regiment and most of the wounded. Col Harris was wounded in the leg and arm and had his horse shot so I think it will never get well. I suppose the Colonel will be home by the time you get this letter.

            I received a letter day before yesterday by the steamer for we are now on the mississippi river 100 miles below Memphis Tenn. It found me in the best of health as I hope it left you all. teaming agrees with me better than soldiering. for I have never felt better since I enlisted. I have sat in my saddle for 36 hours without resting a bit and when we did stop it was only to water and feed the mules. Oh you would laugh to see me now. I wear an old Stovepipe hat a pair of drawers for pants and long leged boots I look like the......

            (The rest of the letter is missing.)

            Larry sent this second letter with this comment: "Civil War letter written in 1864 (My wild guess is one of the Fick brothers wrote it to one of his other brothers "” I think Henerich Christian Wilhelm Fick wrote it to William Paul Ernest Ludwick Fick. The author tells his brother to "tell Mother that her little oldest baby has got a brite eye..." Also the mention of his brother getting out of the army, but not "mustared out yet" corresponds with dates of William P. Fick's discharge document. These telltale details plus the difference in penmanship and grammar usage makes me think that letter #4 was written by William Paul.)"

            Just so you can see, the first page of the letter is scanned below, and below that it is transcribed. You may notice it is not as fancy as the first letter above...

            -----Transcript of above letter-----

            Nashville, Novem 27th 1864

            Dear brother it is a very pleasant day the mud is six inches deep and it rains like thunder. I though it would be a good time to answer your letter that I received on yesterday well it found me well and hardy as a buck and hav been so some time.

            I was glad you hav got back home again. I think that one that has served three years in the army had out to be clear. You said that you had not been mustard out yet well you have been in the army long enough to learn to wait on the red tape for they will hav there time like all other dogs. I was glad to here that you and family was well and that you had been taken form. I shall be home next fall myself. I think if nothing goes thru me biger than a pup and then I will go out there with you to Minisotia. I canot liv around there when I come home I must hav me a farm some where in the world. I cannot all ways work land on shars it is to hard work and little pay. I think that I hav had a chance to find it out .

            I am in a hell of a speculation while I an in the war but donot know how it will come out next fall will tell the story some think it is a good thing and some donot think so but I thought that it was the best thing that I could do. I would of liked to had you had the place and my my cows. I think that you could done well but you was not at home when I came out of camp so I had to let the first man hav it that came along. Maby you can do as well or better. I shall have to put some seed in the spring that will take some cash I think but it must come from some sorse as I canot back now it is to late, on your return from the army.

            I supose that you found something that you expected so you was not disapointed when you found a nice fat girl allmost big enough to wish dishes and sweep the floor and call you papa. I supose my little pet can say papa plain now.

            Tell mother that her little oldest baby has got a brite eye and a stiff upper lip and is coming home next fall like a dam............

            (Next page missing.)

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              Dear friend,
              I am in the same situation like yours! And yes... You have to register with the INS. I discussed this with my lawyer.

              I will put details about this real soon!


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                Hurry up "the beta"!


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                  The Beta,

                  I think your native country has been recently added to this Special Registration list. Be careful bro, I will be waiting to heear from you...

                  My native country is not in the list, but I found out that all of us also need to register with the Selective Service man... Otherwise it will hurt any future immigration case of ours, like naturalization...



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                    Males under 26 should register with the Selective Service when applying for the green card.


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                      I'm in an exact situation as you. I-130 filed 28 months ago and no response yet. Earlier, released from INS custody after posting a bond and put on removal procedings. I'm between the rock and the hard place. And am from group2 for special registration. What I'm doing is to wait 'till the last couple of days before deadline with my attorney (hopefully). Reason, there is already a public outcry, media attention, and involvement of different interest groups in Washington DC. It is picking up some momentum, so let's wait and see by hoping for the best.
                      Let me know what happens if u go please. And good luck.


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                        I was told by my lawyer who has assisted people from list two to the interview that if you have case hearing pending or you have a bond posted and waiting for a hearing, you will have a short interview and will be let go.

                        I was also told that this interview can be used against me in the adjucation of my case or in my court hearing.

                        Lets see what happens.


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                          Foo tell us about your situation? Why has it been 28 motnhs for your i-130? I am sure Bushmaster and I will be very much interested to know what is going on with you?

                          Perhaps we can help each other out


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                            To Bushmaster,foo SS and all the rest of you, The only outcry you can REALLY count on will be the one from the American people if you fools don't obey the law. Do you think they went to all the trouble of putting it in place so you morons could ignore it??NOOOOOOOO. We want to know WHO you are Where you are What you are doing here. And we want to know pronto. And if you shouldn't be here we don't want you finding some loophole to wiggle through .Don't you get it yet?? Americans have begun to look around and not like what they are seeing. The economy is no longer good enough for us to just leave all these losers hanging around. Just this last weekend in CA. they arrested a bunch of illegals for working in an airport and stealing things out of passengers suitcases. And 4 or 5 more illegals in N.Y. for raping and beating some poor woman in a park. If you don't register now, they WILL find you sooner or later. We are going to start getting the people giving illegals jobs next. So remember, you can run but you can't hide.


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                              you peole have I-130 filed. Why were you all detained or on removal proceedings?
                              I don't get it. If you're out of status and get married you get deported or what?
                              Tell me how it works. or you were on removal proceedings before you got married?


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