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Applying OPT (Dismissed Misdemeanor)

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  • Applying OPT (Dismissed Misdemeanor)


    Background :-

    I need a help applying for the opt. I got arrested in november 2016 for shop lifting charges PL 165.40 in New York City and was photo and fingerprinted. I was released in about 15 to 20 minute and was given a desk appearance ticket by which i have to appear in court on january 2017. I have appeared in court with my lawyer and the trail lasted only for 2 minutes and judge gave me an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) by which i am not guilty nor convicted to any crime or charges and told the case will be dismissed and sealed after 6 months. so i have completed the period of 6 months and the case got sealed i have also got certificate of disposition from the court which says the case is sealed.

    Question :-

    Now in september i am going to apply my opt and in the opt application form there is an section asking any arrests have been made then if yes i need to provided the documents with it. I have my desk appearance ticket and certificate of disposition from the court which says my case is dismissed and sealed. So i have only these two documents related to my arrest nothing else i have. So should i mark it as YES in the arrest column and provide this documents with the application or else i should answer it as NO. If i mark it as YES will it affect my opt application to get approved and for extension in future and if i mark it as NO will my record appear while processing my application. Please i need a strong advice on this. Thank You.

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