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  • olivernicholle9052
    I assume that your case is marriage-based, so I would definitely go to the interview as originally scheduled. The worst that can happen is that they send you home, pending a new date. Cockroach Control

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  • msfieldluck35
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  • kboat
    started a topic Notice Motion to reopen

    Notice Motion to reopen

    N 400 was filed in April 2013, and interview was scheduled in December 2015. IO stated she will not accepted my divorce from my home country, and that I was not free to marry in 2002. she claimed i married in 2002 to obtained immigration benefit, so my N400 was denied .
    I appealed immediately and I was able to overcome all the initial concerns raised during the interview. My N400 was approved at my 336 hearing and was given a date, Jan 16, 2016 for oath ceremony. However, on January 6, 2016 I received another stating my oath ceremony has been cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, and that a new date will be communicated later.
    There was no further communication from USCIS even though i called, emailed, and even got my congressman to help. I finally decided to sue in district court. On October 29, 2020, I finally received a Notice of Motion to Reopen my case with the intent to deny.
    They did not present any new evidence and did not explain why they have been delaying my oath. they only raised the same old argument in my first N400 interview, which I already addressed in my 336 appeal, and gave me 15days to respond.
    I'm not sure if I should present the same arguments as before or just to remind them that they have failed to present any new evidence to warrant reopening of my N400.
    Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank
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