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K-1 immigration visa and a divorce

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  • K-1 immigration visa and a divorce

    My husband and I have met each other online, had been dating for about 2 years and I agreed to move to the US when we decided to get married. I have applied for a K1 visa, we have got married within 54 days since the moment of getting on the territory of the US. I haven't thought about permanent residency or green card as I was enjoying my honeymoon, and in total my husband and I lived together about 17 months, but now my husband moved to his parents and as my mother-in-law has said that I should get ready for a divorce and sent me a link to this service, because she wants me to file it by myself. My husband doesn't respond the calls or text messages and I am not sure if I can reach him out. We had a fight before he left and I am not sure if a reconciliation is possible, however I should realize whether I would have to go back to the UK if we get divorced and I am the one who started the process. I can use any advice.

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    Oh.. Sorry to hear your story. I don't think divorce is a solution for all the problems between you. It's better to make him understand the situation and get back to normal life soon. Hostsailor If you are not willing for that then you can go for a divorce.


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