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  • overstayed visa

    I frequently hear about visa overstayers. Is that because they are ignorant and do not know how to read a calendar or because they have had ill intent of overstaying from the beginning?

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    I frequently hear about visa overstayers. Is that because they are ignorant and do not know how to read a calendar or because they have had ill intent of overstaying from the beginning?


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      99% of them intended to overstay. It's rinky **** back home, so why bother going back ? Here you can work illegally, earn some rubbish cash, and live day by day in a paper box down the freeway hoping one day the "merciful" Congress will hand down a "merciful" amnesty program that benefits mostly to Mex-hi-can outlaws. This is very fair and humane to other ethnic groups, Uncle Sam says.


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        Where is that STUPID "deport illegal aliens" guy ? Deported already ? Wa ha ha ! STUPID !!!


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          depends - when your family is starving, and you decide to overstay as your last resort to help to keep them alive - does that count as ill-intent?


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            Question for X

            Are you saying it is okay to break the law if you have a sob story for an excuse or are you saying it is okay to break the law if you have any story for an excuse???


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              If I had to choose between breaking the law and allowing my child to starve to death, I would choose breaking the law and taking risks of being deported for the sake of my child.


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                Yes .i'll do the same.


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                  Overstaying and working illegally also usually means the individual(s) who obtained a tourist visa lied to our embassy as well. Why should we condone this?
                  If the argument is that we should help everyone who has a poor financial situation in the world, well, where is everyone going to live and work?
                  And what about those children who are citizens of the US, whose parent or parents may be destitute - what about help/jobs/etc for them???? FIRST????
                  Why should we encourage people to lie to our embassies, the INS (or DHS), the IRS or whomever?
                  The US cannot absorb the entire world - what would happen to our economy and quality of life?
                  Doesn't anyone think about this??
                  If not, why not?


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                    Nobody own this world but "GOD" so anyone have a choice where they want to stay as long as you follow the 2 major rules of "HIM"..

                    1. Love GOD ABOVE ALL AND

                    2. lOVE YOUR FELLOMEN

                    THIS WORLD BELONGS TO EVERYBODY...


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                      Well, it is time to wake and smell the coffee - the US requires a visa to enter its borders and those visas are regulated by law. This priniciple is the same for most countries.
                      People cannot enter any country they wish by invoking the name of some diety...nor does invoking the name of any such diety grant permission to the "invoker" to violate the laws of a sovereign nation. That's the way it is.
                      I still have no answers to any of the questions I posed - except the drivel from "Our World."


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                        this is to "someone":
                        many economists, including Alan Greenspan, believe that immigrants contribute to the economic growth of this country. Yes, there are also many poor immigrants, but rich people live well wherever they are, they don't need to immigrate.


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                          to Jack: I never mentioned LEGAL immigrants - I was only speaking about ILLEGAL immigrants - there is a difference!
                          Illegals immigrants do not have the right to live and work in the US - period. There are sufficient avenues for LEGAL immigrants to live and work in the US - we have employment based visas and certain categories of non-immigrant work visas.
                          We should not encourage those who break our laws, lie to our officials and use a variety of benefits without contribution to same to remain here ahead of those who have decided to play by the rules.
                          Of course, if you firmly believe differently, why not drive down to the nearest 7-11, invite a half dozen or so illegals who may be waiting there for construction jobs, take them into your house, give them your job and make them happy. Then you can report back to Mr Greenspan about how these "immigrants" are helping America.


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                            to "Someone":
                            You are ignoring the fact that there more than 7 million illegal immigrants in the country now. Many of them have stayed here for years and many of them have US citizen children and many of them pay taxes. Right now there is no way for them to legalize their status. The law does not allow even their US citizen to sponsor them.
                            Whatever the case, these 7 million people are here to stay and I believe this country has room for them.


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                              to Jack: I did not ignore or forget the estimated 7 million illegals - that is who I am talking about. These people do NOT, repeat do NOT have the right to live and work here regardless of how many brats they have produced or what kind of bogus marriage they are attempting - the real issue is these illegals did not obey our laws in the first place and want some new law that they might obey. They often work for wages below the market, which does what to wage levels for LEGAL workers? (hint : it lowers them)
                              Once again, if you want 'em here so badly, then open your home and office to them --give them your car, your job, marry them off to a daughter...but what is difficult about wanting to protect the borders and economy of the US? These people are law breakers; while many may pay taxes (often with a fake, purchased SSN) they can file for not only a tax return, but can collect additional money as a so-called "head of household." who pays for that?
                              Who pays for all the babies they produce?
                              Who pays for the car wrecks they cause (and walk away from because they have no insurance)
                              Why can't you pay an extra 10 cents for a head of lettuce if a LEGAL worker picked it? Or another 25 cents for a pound of hamburger if a LEGAL worker produced it? WHY?
                              Why should these illegals be given green cards ahead of all those waiting for their turn in the immigration queue?????????????? What gives them this right or privilege (they do not have the right)....hello....what planet are you on?


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