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  • US Immigration Reform

    Hello All

    It is clear that the US immigration system needs an overhaul and is woefully out of date. What does everyone think about US immigration reform, what it should focus on and how immigration can be used to drive the economy.

    In Canada for example we have a federal immigration system but each province also has its own programs for students, workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Provinces such as Manitoba which had a stagnant economy and generally lost people to other provinces such as Alberta, BC and Ontario, developed some great immigration programs which have proved popular and driven a good amount of investment and development into Winnipeg and Brandon. Could states like Nebraska, Wyoming and the Dakotas do the same if given the opportunity? There has been some debate around this idea

    In terms of employers, the UK has a robust system of audits, inspections, Immigration HR regulations and compliance measures which ensure that wages do not get depressed, workers don't get exploited and the UK's labour needs are met. The system is not perfect but it seems to be stronger than the measures in place in the US where illegally immigrants are exploited by large farm and food processing companies for example. The Uk immigration system is also very fast with most visas being issued within 5 to 15 days.

    The UK's asylum system is also fast. If applicants fail to attend their initial interview or a hearing date their social assistance is cut off and sweeps are made to look for illegal workers on farms or in factories and restaurants. Employers face penalties of up to $125,000 per illegal worker they employ as well as being black listed so that it becomes difficult for them to hire from overseas.

    Its clear that many countries are doing well by having merit based immigration. What are your thoughts.

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        Migration has been a touchstone of the U.S. political discussion for quite a long time, as policymakers have gauged monetary, security, and compassionate concerns. Congress has been not able to agree on far reaching movement change for a considerable length of time, successfully moving some significant arrangement choices into the official and legal parts of government and filling banter in the lobbies of state and civil governments.

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