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I am US Citizen , wife got green card through me but now she is out of control?

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  • I am US Citizen , wife got green card through me but now she is out of control?

    Hello, All the good folks here,

    I am very depressed, if someone can help me out, I will really appreciate it with the bottom of my heart.

    I got married in 2012 in Pakistan with a family girl but had no idea what she is up to.

    I have an American born son 2 years old.., my wife met some local Pakistani girls in the USA and that messes our marriage she told me she wants house under her name, she wants every month $1000 to send her family back home and list goes on.. when i deny all that she threaten to call police and said she will injure herself and will call cops on me...

    making a long story short, I brought her back to Pakistan, and now I am not bringing her back ever to the USA and I am going to divorce her.

    my question is she got 10 years green card and now she is pressuring me to return back to the USA,

    My question can she travel with my US Citizen son without my permission? she is saying she will take my son and return back to USA...can she legally do it without my permission?

    and secondly I have my son passport in my possession, can she go to the local US Embassy and apply for his new US passport.?

    I will really appreciate it

    thank you so much

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    First of all, may be the problem is not only connected to the green card getting. May be it is in you?


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      The problem is not only connected to the green card getting
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        Your wife doesn't necessarily need your permission to travel back to the US. As long as the green card is valid, she can return on her own. Was that your concern?
        --Good luck--
        Good luck with your case. I learned the hard way, I hope you don't have to. Immigration is very interesting. Nothing shall be considered as legal advice. All communication is non-expert opinion.{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"Smile","src":"http:\/\/\/images\/smilies\/smile.png"}


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