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    I have already filed I-751 for removal of my green card conditions. My case is: I got married in India and my ex husband is a citizen, he applied for my green card and I came to United states. Then after couple of weeks he and his parents started treating me badly, they threatened me for the gold and things that I brought from India which my parents gave it to me. He started threatening me for the green card that he applied for me. No one told me or my family that he had a brain tumor surgery in the past that's why he wasn't stable. We got separated after a couple of months when I came here and got divorced after a year. But now I managed myself and got a job and started my life. I don't know if USCIS will understand my case. I filed I-751 in march 2016 and received a receipt in may for a year extension. I've been waiting for the response since then.

    Does anybody know How long does it take to complete the process or I can even get the interview call? and if I get the green card how much time will it take more to get the citizenship.

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    Removal of Conditions cases take close to a year these days. For a waiver case it may take more time.

    Since you're not married to a US citizen, you can only apply for naturalization under the 5-year rule, after you've been a permanent resident for 5 years (i.e. 5 years after you first entered); you can submit the application up to 90 days early.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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