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Litigation of IP Matters Latin America Instruct to Change New TM Applications

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  • Litigation of IP Matters Latin America Instruct to Change New TM Applications

    The class headings for the specification of services or goods for the new trademark application would be no longer accepted. This statement was announced by JIPO (Jamaican Intellectual Property Office) on February 4, 2015. The new established by litigation of IP matters Latin America related to the broad interpretation rule 8 of the Trade Marks Rules 2001.
    Moeller IP supported this change that said every application should specify the class. It was based on the Fourth Schedule related to the specification. The applicants could set out the classes in consecutive numerical order. In addition, they should list under each class about the specific services or good. It must be appropriated to the class for the protection they desired. They could get helped by litigation of IP matters in Latin America.

    Based on this news and change, a registered trademark was protected and it was included all goods and services. It was also for pharmaceuticals and chemicals although the applicants did not use the trademark for all of their listed goods and services. JIPO only accepts the specific goods or services. It is since March 2015 and if there are any class headings submitted, it will be rejected. Litigation of IP matters Latin America with applicable fee will get what they really desire.

    Dealing with the new TM applications is not something easy. However, the new TM applications were like a place to innovate and to be a better way to go. Each country has its own characteristic in its TM applications. This is not only in Latin America, but the most complete IP goods and services are here. The list of the product was just complementary. It means you do not need to register the whole components in your list, but you only have to register a trademark. A trademark takes sometimes to register. Can you imagine how long you should wait to register the whole list on your products? The easiest way to go is you should make the detail specification of your products and let the IP matters help you to analyze it. The more detail you share, the faster the result you should get because the people who managed it only takes some time to process your application. Please visit Moeller IP website to get the detail information about it and to know the category of the IP that filled to yours. Check it carefully and take a note of it.
    Moeller IP, the reputed Intellectual Property law firm managing Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs in Latin America for more than 85 years.
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