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Expired green card lost, applied for i-751. Is travel permitted without physical card?

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  • Expired green card lost, applied for i-751. Is travel permitted without physical card?

    My husband is Japanese, married to me (US citizen) for 3+ years.
    He had a conditional green card with expiration date of 12/31/2016.
    In October 2016, he travelled abroad and his green card was stolen!
    He got a travel document from the consulate so he can return to the U.S. without the physical card. He entered back to the US with no problems.
    He spoke to the USCIS agent over the phone and was recommended to apply for a replacement card (i-90) and submitted it along with the hefty fee.
    It got denied. It was denied due to the expiration date being so close. I wish the USCIS agent did not recommend this so we could have saved some $.
    In any case, he submitted i-751 during the 90 day period prior to his conditional green card expiration date of 12/31/2016.
    He got the i-797c Notice of action letter and just got his ASC appointment complete so his biometrics is done as of today 1/18/2017.
    I hear that if all documentation is sufficient and complete, it could still take 6-8 months to receive the new green card.

    He needs to travel abroad again in the next month. But sounds like he would be denied entry back to the US if he does, because he doesn't have a physical green card handy (even the expired one). How can he travel??

    If he didn't get his green card stolen, he could travel with the expired card and maybe a stamp on a passport (i-551) plus the notice of action letter proving his removal of conditional residency is submitted and being processed.

    But he doesn't have the expired green card and he was denied getting a replacement of it! (i-90).

    This is awful, please provide advice!

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    Get an InfoPass appointment to go in to your local USCIS office and get an I-551 stamp.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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      This is not a problem. You should have withdrawn the joint i751 and refiled after the divorce was filed. You would have saved a few dollars and gotten your card sooner. why is the divorce taking so long? no big deal. you just refile with a abuse waiver and in 2 years conditions will be removed. a good person to talk to is aguila who has posted his story on this board. he was able to totally scam immigration with his i751 waiver.


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          This is a very sad situation, such losses can take a long time to get a new one again, how did you find a solution, can you share with us.

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