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    My Appeal got denied with findings of fraud documentation. Fraudulent documentation based on the fact that the notary used a)could not be contacted in the home country and b) the notary is not registered. Now how am I supposed to know all this.

    My QUESTION: Given the finding of fraud in my I687 CSS/LULAC, do you know what next steps BCIS will take?

    Ineligibility to file for ANY other form of benefit (if one ever becomes available)?

    Notice to Appear leading to final removal proceedings?

    Marriage (I have a girlfriend of 3 years now and we have discussed marriage but given my pending application, I thought best to wait for final adjudication)? OR

    Inaction on BCIS' part, meaning case closed?

    Any help and insight will be most appreciated.


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    To Goodpeep;
    Sorry to hear about your I-687 denial. To help you with your questions please answer the following question!
    Did your I-687 denied by the USCIS District office if so which city and state or by AAO the Administration Appeal office in Washington?
    How did they find out the notary is not registered if they can’t contact it. What kind of document was notarized by that notary public?

    How did you enter the country for the first or second time? Did you enter with visa or without inspection?
    How about your LIFE Act application did you applied and what is the outcome?


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      <span class="ev_code_RED">You'd better file a form I-290b, motion to reconsider. Explain that you had no way of knowing that the notary was not registered. Ask the Government to omit that evidence, naturally the denial will be upheld. If you're lucky, you may be able to defeat the fraud charges.

      If the motion is accepted, and you are able to get married before you get the letter saying that the denial is upheld, you'd be in status when you got married. You might have a chance of surviving this. As it stands now, you may be arrested by ICE when you least expect it, possibly much sooner than you think. Remember the USCIS absolutely hates CSS/LULAC applicants. </span>
      KING OF THE UNIVERSE[/color]


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        Loue first:
        Yes, denied in Atlanta, GA. Also denied by AAO in D.C. They called the legal governing body for notary public in the country and did a name check I guess on the notary. The doc was just a statement that I was here prior to '82. Came in w/ visa I suppose, too young to recall, but my second re-entry was on F-1. I never applied for LIFE and don't even know whether that is too late right now.

        To Loue:
        I may be wrong but I thought the filing was non-deportable, please correct me if I'm wrong.

        My biggest plight is I know no-one back home. I have resided here consistently the last 18yrs.

        I also would like to know if I get married w/out filing through marriage, would the case be tossed? I don't have any orders of deportation or notice to appear at present. Thanks for your great feedback.


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          To goodpeep; thank you for your previous reply. Still your case foggy please explains more!!!
          You said Yes, denied in Atlanta, GA. Also denied by AAO in D.C.
          What was the reason for USCIS in Atlanta to deny your application?
          Also what was AAO reason to re-deny your case after the appeal?
          Did both of them deny you for the same reason or deferent reason?

          Who called the legal governing body for notary public in your country is it the USCIS in Atlanta or the AAO in Washington? Do you remember the date when the documents signed and notarized? Which country did they call to verify the notary public?

          Very important question to answer if you came with visa before 1982 do you still have a copy of that visa how about your second entry with F-1 visa do you still have a copy of that? Do you remember when did you entered for the second time with student visa? Also did you go to school?

          In your interview for I-687 what kind of question the immigration officer asked you?
          Did he ask you to sign any statement? How many interviews did you had with them?

          Finally what kind of documents did you gave the USCIS with your application to support your claim you were her from 1982 to 1988?

          To answer your question about Life Legalization no you can’t apply now the deadline to apply is over, that was back in May 2005. BUT you may be able to apply for another settlement based on the old amnesty which it was settled recently in Western District Court in Seattle.


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            If USCIS denied your case for documentation fraud then you can't adjudicate or you are not eligible to apply for any other benefit at all. unless another amnesty law pass in the future, other people can correct me if I'm wrong.


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              Marriage and a 601 waiver are your only options.


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