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    Why should it be so strange, immigrants come from all over the world, even those countries where communism was about to be implemented. . .


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      To Blue Collar, I was wondering if anyone was going to notice the little communist manifesto that was slipped in .I wonder if the lack of comment by immigrants is due to ignorance or indifference?


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        Due to fear, I guess Janiss.


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          Well, I have to admit - socialism is the best system on earth; A LOT better than what I have seen in this America of ours at least. It's a shame that Russian communists perverted the meaning of what REAL socialism was to be. At any rate, there are so many countries in Europe with socialist parties in power (France, Sweden, Italy) and that's the countries America should set as an example to be followed.


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            Socialist Guy- You have got to be kidding. Right??Did you make that statement with tongue firmly in cheek (I hope).Why do you think all the new medical breakthroughs and the latest technology all come from the US? I'll give you a hint. PROFIT!!! Socialism and human nature do not go well together.If a person is guarenteed the same ration of bread whether he produces 1 widget or 10 widgets, how many do you think you can count on him producing?? And Canadians with money come HERE when they need an operation right away. Because with their wonderful socialized medicine,they can wait up to a year or more for it up there.


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              Hey, let's all chip in a few bucks each and send the Socialist Guy someplace where he/she can be happy! How about outer Mongolia or maybe some gulag. If you think the AMerican way is so bad, well please, get the f--- out of this country, go back to bread lines, cheap vodka, ice cold winters and corruption. I will be happy to drive you to the nearest airport.


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                <The one thing you will never have that is the thing everyone of our forefathers had . And without it , this country would never have begun or continued. And that is the willingness to sacrafice ones own comforts and treasure for the common good. That is the most overlooked quality our forefathers had. Yet I would say it was the most important. These were all WEALTHY men.>

                You are funny Janiss! Read some History babe...Now I don'know about YOUR forefather, but most of them were actually the scum of their countries, criminals trying to escape the law, or so poor that they only had some hope in their pockets...So, please do not assign them the noble idea of "sacrificing their comforts and TREASURE for for the common good"...You are SO pathetic, ha-ha!


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                  Exactly US Capitalist! But I think you should transport to the nearest aeroport this other guy also,



                  I'll owe a beer if you'll escort this other one especially!


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                    I found these links on two/three threads on this, man!


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                      To whoever the idiot(socialist guy??) was who said the Founding Fathers were the scum of the earth. Get a clue . Get a history book. Get a chair . Get ready to learn. Jefferson owned a HUGH plantation in Virginia. He was a scholar a real renaissance man. A renowned architect,who designed his own mansion. An accomplished musician.(He owned slaves ,remember)Washington was probably one of the richest among them.He owned quite a bit of land (also slaves)in Virginia.Was a General in the Continental Army. Hamilton owned a shipping line. I believe Adams was a lawyer(John) You may use some of Paul Revere's fine pots and pans which are still made and sold today.(Revere Ware)Sam Adams started a brewery which still makes the most award winning beer in the US today.Hardly a bunch of losers.The point I was making was that they not only risked their lives,as they could have been hung for treason,but also their personal wealth.I doubt you could find such men today.If more Americans would take the time to LEARN about their own history,they would be better citizens, and perhaps more grateful for what has been given to them. Fot those to whom much is given,much is expected. We fall far short of that nobel idea today.


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                        Excuse me, The above should have been FOR those to whom much is given Sorry


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                          I'll agree -- Janiss, you must never forget that our country was founded by the Pilgrims, religious right wing extremists who were so out of sync with their time that they were expelled not only from England for their intolerence...Our founding grandfathers probably made the Taliban and el Qaida look like tolerant as hell!!! Intolerence is as American as cherry pie. Or if the guy had thought about it for a moment, pumpkin pie.


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                            - Every year around Thanksgiving time in churches across America, preachers are heard to say: "The Pilgrims brought God to these shores". Judging by the atrocious behavior of these Pilgrims, I'd have to say that God must have hitched a ride back to England shortly after He arrived here.

                            - The Puritans dealt treacherously with their benefactors, the Native Americans, who welcomed them and helped them to survive their first years here.

                            - The Puritans massacred the friendly Pequots in 1637, setting fire to a village and slaughtering the villagers as they tried to escape the flames. Some 900 men, women and children were murdered by the same Puritans who claimed that their settlement was to be "the model of Christian charity".

                            - One of the Pilgrim officers of that expedition gave insight into the Pequots they encountered: "The Indians spying of us came running in multitudes along the water side, crying 'What cheer, Englishmen, what cheer, what do you come for?'. They not thinking we intended war went on cheerfully."

                            - Historian Francis Jennings wrote of Captain John Mason's attack: "Mason proposed to avoid attacking Pequot warriors, which would have overtaxed his unseasoned, unreliable troops. Battle, as such, was not his purpose. Battle is only one of the ways to destroy an enemy's will to fight. Massacre can accomplish the same end with less risk, and Mason had determined that massacre would be his objective."

                            - In Howard Zinns' book, A People's History of the United States, one of the Pilgrims on the expedition is quoted as saying: "The Captain also said, We must Burn Them; and immediately stepping into the wigwam....brought out a Fire Brand, and putting into the Matts with which they were covered, set the Wigwams on Fire."

                            - William Bradford, in his History of the Plymouth Plantation, described the carnage: " Those that scaped the fire were slaine with the sword; some hewed to peeces, others rune throw with their rapiers, so as they were quickly dispatche, and very few escaped. It was conceived they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fyer, and the streams of blood quenching the same, and horrible was the stincke and sente there of, but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them, thus to inclose their enemise in their hands, and gave them so speedy a victory over so proud and insulting an enimie."

                            - Cotton Mather, one of the more odious and obdurate Pilgrim leaders, wrote: "It was supposed that no less than 600 souls were brought down to Hell that day".

                            - The Pequots had laid down their weapons and accepted Christianity. They were rewarded with a vicious and cowardly slaughter by their new "brothers in Christ".

                            - Francis Jennings said: "The terror was very real among the Indians. They drew lessons from the Peqout War1) that the Englishmen's most solemn pledge would be broken whenever obligation conflicted with advantage; (2) that the English way of war had no limit of scruple and mercy".

                            - Cotton Mather, in his Annals of Christ in America, wrote: "I do, with all conscience of truth, the wonderful displays of His infinite power, wisdom, goodness, and faithfulness, wherewith His divine providence hath irradiated an Indian wilderness". Indeed!

                            - The Puritans, who claimed to be fleeing religious intolerance, showed no tolerance for those who dared go against their harsh doctrine. The peace-loving Quakers were imprisoned, banished, whipped, had their tongues cut out or were hanged for offending the sensibilties of these so-called seekers of religious freedom. Cotton Mather wrote to the captain of a ship, proposing that a ship full of Quakers be scuttled at sea .

                            - The Puritans practiced human sacrifice in order to appease an angry God after witches were blamed for crop failures, disease and other calamaties.

                            - The Pilgrims felt justified in all their evil deeds because they were fighting supposed "red devils" and "emissaries of Satan". Their fanaticism was based on Fundamentalist dogma, and was fueled by the same siege mentality, mass hysteria and paranoia found in all dangerous cults.


                            • #89
                              You say that you have morals and values. It's hard to tell what kind they are, since you speak in so many contradictions. Please tell me what morals and values would allow you to "sneak through the border" and insist that a nation overlook its laws for you. What "reasons" do you believe would make it acceptable to break a nation's laws? (Sorry - but "a better life" does not do it or "a better life" would be written in our laws.)

                              You say "most or you [Americans] don't like to go to college." Please tell me from where your statistics come, so that you and I can compare our respective sources.

                              You say "People like you [Americans] deserve to go to another country and find the reasons why we are here." Possibly you don't know that Americans "go to other countries" rather frequently. Most have seen poverty and suffering. Yet, "poverty and suffering" is also not written in our laws. "Poverty and suffering" is exactly one reason we HAVE immigration laws.

                              Maybe you think this country should invite every person still in YOUR country to live here. And, after that, every person in ANY other country can come too. You DO want to be "fair" do you not? What country would your list start and end with? And how would you feed and find jobs for billions or trillions more like you? Have you ever heard of Gross National Product? I suggest you find out what it means and tell us how you think anyone, including America's own population, would survive?

                              Finally, no alien anywhere in any country with an attitude like yours against its citizens deserves to have the people of that country welcome him at all.


                              • #90
                                To pumpkin pie and wild cherry, I don't recall mentioning the "pilgrims" any where in my post. If you knew anything of our history you would know the "Founding Fathers" of the country were born in the 1700's,afew hundred years after the pilgrims landed. And you didn't mention anything about the men I refered to. Possibly because you were caught with your lack of knowledge showing.? So you change the topic? Do you have any rebutal for the facts I stated? Or shall we just conclude you were blowing smoke?


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