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    Another thing. You should also learn how to read because it seems that you did not understand part of my comments. Also for your information this site is to help immigrant people and not to attack us.


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      I thought this was a question-and-answer forum on how to do things...not a forum on who hates who more. I am unbelievably frustrated because my fiance is stuck in his home country because we are trying to do things the RIGHT and LEGAL way while millions of idiots are screwing it up for the other ones by breaking the rules. That's why we're frustrated.


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        Read your own comments to guest 30 - it is not for you to decide which Americans deserve to live in the USA - you will never decide that in spite of your BS degree from wherever, in spite of the fact that you lack grammatically correct writing skills, in spite of the fact that you think you and every other person in the world should have the right to live in the USA, regardless of laws and borders. And, to enhance your education, the word "middle" has 2 d's in it and a person is not "amazing" by the order, security, etc; they might, however, be "amazed" - seems your BS degree was exactly that - BS.
        And while you are pondering over all of the comments written by you and anyone else, please find the part or parts where I have taken an anti-immigrant position - my only complaint is with ILLEGAL immigration. But then, you would have to be able to read and comprehend English in order to know that.
        Also, when referring to Americans in writing, please note that the word "Americans" or "American" begins with a capital "A" whereas "asylee" does not. Which one are you? (hint: small "a") Kindly make these corrections in all future correspondence.


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          Whatever. It seems that you did not have more arguments. I am not gramatically right, but my thoughts are right. At least I know two languages and my writing is good with only two years here.

          To ColleenK:

          In which other way can you apply for asylum different than being here. I came legally and remained legally and I'm not taking out any Family-Based Visa.


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            Guest of Janiss: I happen to know four languages and have excellent writing skills. I also have a plethora of arguments which I may share or post at a time of my choosing. Have a nice day.


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              Congratulations. The only bad thing is that you just learned the bad words and the way to offend people. Have a nice day you too.


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                Janiss speaks harshly about illegal immigration, but many USCs feel the same way she does. You may not like to hear it, but that is the truth.

                You should be glad to hear what Janiss has to say. That way you get the "other side" and can better defend your arguments when you come up against someone like her.

                Americans are something w/ or w/out new immigrants. We have a diverse background and that is great. But the economy is in trouble, many people are out of work, cannot get jobs and benefits. And let's be real, the legal taxpayer both legal immigrants and USCs are paying for illegals and their healthcare.

                Anyone who comes to this country should be GRATEFUL to be here. As an immigrant the right you have is to be here. As an illegal, you have no rights because you have no right to be here.

                Anyway, the point is there are a lot of people like Janiss in this country and they are pissed off about the state of the economy. Fixing illegal immigrants to become legal is not on their list of priorities.

                USCs are getting pissed because when people scam their way into this country and then disrespect our laws and do not appreciate what we give them, the last thing they want to do is help an illegal. Especially when USCs are trying to get their immigrant family members over here legally.

                If someone was born here, they deserve to be an american. If you were not born here and complaining and downing our country and a naturalized USC or are a GC holder, you do not deserve to be an american and should go home.

                Bottom line, the first amendment in this country is "Freedom of speech", just like the people who are asking how to scam and stay in the US are complaining, Janiss has every right (as she was born here) to verbalize what she wants to say.

                I think Janiss is harsh, but hey, many american-born USCs argee with her 100%, and that is their right.

                Get used to it.


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                  To Response, Thank you for putting a kinder face on what myself and others have been trying to express here. I however, do not feel bad about my harsh comments.Imagine how you might respond if a family member were to be attacked by word or deed. you would probably respond aggressively. I love this country.I have spent years studying our history. Knowing what it took to make this country, and how fragile our freedoms can be,makes it even harder to be civil to people who so carelessly flaunt the laws that are the very foundation upon which our society is based.I have NO problem with LEGAL immigration. I just do not believe that people who break the law as their first act upon entering the country are going to be an asset to the country. And every public agency from the police to INS has records to prove this is true. From the 65,000 babies we paid for last year to the 1/4 of our prison population, they are drying up our resources also.But the thing most of us find the most unbearable is the attidude that this country OWES them the right to be here.


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                    No problem Janiss.

                    Now just waiting to hear what the people who refuse to believe the truth have to say....


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                      Everyone has the right to speak his/her mind, this is the fundamental right given in America, freedom of expression. Period.


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                        With good words is easier to understand your point of view and you are showing that it is not necessary to lower and be rude with anybody. Unfortunately, there is not way that you understand the other side and I'm tired to discuss about it. Neither you, nor me are going to change our opinions. I want just to clear that I did not break any law. How can you apply for asylum if you are not in this country? You have to come and you have a year to apply. That does not mean break the rules. That is follow the rules. I'm trying to say also that not all of the immigrants come to take advantage of the system and not for few you can judge all. Another thing is that ok some of the immigrants are breaking the rules, but this site was made to help immigrants.


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                          Yes, this site is to help immigrants.

                          I think what was pissing people off, Janiss, myself, many others I am sure, are the people asking for more illegals ways of staying here and then not having ANY remoarse whatsoever.

                          That IS a problem. Hey, if you 1)did the right thing you are welcomed with open arms. 2)You lied then you want to right your wrongs and do the right thing legally, that is cool to, just as long as you are sorry for breaking the law and NOT because you got busted. 3)Lying, cheating and then getting busted just to lie, cheat and complain some more is not cool and that is exactly what deters americans from immigration.

                          But of course, like grandma always says "Put some sugar in your voice honey" even when you have to speak with people that you do not agree with.


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                            The reason why there's so many back and forth replies on this thread is because Immigrants and USC are being generalized. Using words such as:
                            "Full of uneducated criminals", how much is full?
                            "All while disrespecting our legal system and our countrys cultural makeup", All or Some?
                            "I thank God every day for this wonderful country", aren't you willing to share it with others?
                            "And I have studied YEARS of Historyabout it and I understand the kind of people it took to make it great", please do not forget that God made this world.
                            "You people", I wish you can address others with respect.

                            I agree to some of your points Janiss, your frustration about the free Emergency & Pregnancy Medical. I have my own paid insurance and I know the share of cost, it's unbelievable, not to mention if there's problem with the baby or the mother. No minimum wage earning could pay the amount even in 10 years. The Food program (WIC) for pregnant and children (free baby formula), this is available to all (legal or illegal) and of course the USC baby will have the full benefits. Other than that I don't see other benefits for the illegal parents. I don't think that illegal mothers know the cost of this free service and even myself I am not happy to see that it is free and easily available. If others can be educated and have them required a cost of share may be they would realize and plan their pregnancy well, just a thought. This may not be the only solution but we can start from here.

                            And for you response, thank you for your reply. The best thing that I agreed with you is to give chance to people who committed mistake and try to correct it in the legal way to the best they can. We are all human, we mostly do things for a reason and for a cause, God can forgive us, but that does not mean we are encourage to make mistakes again. REPEAT OFFENDERS ARE NOT WELCOME. And for that, I don't think Janiss ever considered it.

                            "perhaps find some common ground to work on making it better for all", you can help us Janiss, we can assist others who wants to solve the problem legally and to those who try to find loop holes, let us discourage them.


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                              Thank you. In the way that you explain the problems, we can easily recognize our mistakes. Nobody likes to be hurt and that is why I got so upset with some comments and replies.

                              As From a Distance says the better way to fix problems is educating people and not judging them.


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                                To From a distance, You make some very good points in your response. But what no one seems to understand is that it is too late for these things. Things are just too out of control now. You say it is a little problem about the mothers having the babys and they don't pay for them and then they get the WIC and foos stamps and free medical care and then we have to pay to educate them and then our prisons are now 1/4 to 1/3 illegal immigrants that we also feed and clothe and give free medical care. And then we have to GUARD them. And that doesnt even take into the picture the VICTIMS of all there crimes. Every day in CA. you can pick up the paper and 7 out of 10 people arrested the night before were illegals.All our utility bills are higher because they are printed in so many languages. And the trees cut down for all the extra paper.People who come here legally have to learn English to take the citizenship test. That gives them a lot of points with most Americans right there. We have been so invaded that at times I dont understand a word that all the people around me are saying,That happened a few weeks ago in a Carls Jr. restuarant. One girl behind the counter spoke English. All the other employees and all the customers spoke Spanish. I felt like a stranger in my own country. I felt like crying. I MISS MY COUNTRY. You say they are little problems. Even if that were true, when you multiply them by 11,000,000 they soon are overwhelming. They just raised our taxes again to try and keep open some of the hospitals that have gone bankrupt caring for all the illegals. IN LA the emergency rooms fill up every day with gang members who have shot or stabed or just beaten up someone. People are afraid to come out of their homes. Our towns have changed too rapidly. We need to close the borders until we can sort out who is who. And we need some time for these immigrants already here to become Americans.We have never had so many come so fast in our history. You must understand that when a population changes from being 12% of the whole to over half,that is no longer immigration, it is an invasion. We fell as though we have been overrun,and they just keep coming and coming. I hope this makes it easier for you to understand why we feel as we do. We just cannot let everyone come who wants to come.In a few more years This will be a third world country full of people in poverty.


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