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    First, coming to the US with a tourist visa and trying to stay is not the purpose of that visa. If you came legally and immigrated legally, fine.
    But I do not agree with those who lie to get a visa and then use this privilege for something else.
    Second, the odds of you taking my job away are the same as the sun burning out tomorrow - twice.
    As far as David goes, he is just another illegal alien and I hope the INS catches up with him and sends him packing.


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      I don't really care what you think about immigrants like me. I know why I'm here and I don't regret what I did with my tourist visa. I think everybody has the right to look for better opportunities in life of course in a right way, without pissing anybody off. I just care that I'm here and nobody is going to take me out because I'm a person with good moral and values. I'm not a charge for this country. If you try tp make me feel bad. You won't get it because opinions from people like you just pass in front without any effect. As spouse says; may God judge you as you are judging others.


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        YOU are exactly the kind of immigrant American citizens DO NOT WANT HERE. YOU "think everybody has the right to look for better opportunities in life" -- which means that you obviously know nothing about American or any other country's immigration laws.

        NO ONE in the world has ANY such right and if you think you do, you need to go SOMEWHERE ELSE and see what happens to you in some other country!

        That alone puts you not only in the MINORITY and OPPOSITE what Americans think, it puts you in the MINORITY and OPPOSITE what the whole world thinks!

        You've never heard of LAWS and you evidently don't know that EVERY country has them? In fact, you'd be DEPORTED quicker in most other countries than in the U.S.A. I guess you don't know RIGHT from WRONG either. What do you think LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who WAIT THEIR TURN and immigrate the RIGHT WAY think of YOU and your MORALS and VALUES. From just one paragraph you write on this board and not feeling one ounce of remorse for doing things the WRONG way, it is obvious you DON'T have any or even have a clue as to what MORALS and VALUES mean!!

        Go Away Janiss needs to GO AWAY from this country that does not BELONG to him/her QUICK!


        • #19
          jajajajajaja you and your stupid comments and not going to get me out of this country. Of course I have moral and values. It seems that you don't because you don't know the basis of my asylum and why it was granted. You are judging others too. US of America needs professional people because most of you don't like to go to college. I know the laws and I know that I'm not doing anything wrong, but look for a better life for me and my family that is why I got the legal status. I did not sneak through the border, but if I would have done it, I would have had my reasons. People like you that have had everything in life would deserve to go to another country and would find the reasons why we are here. The country is not yours. It belongs to the people who deserve to be here and I'm one of them but it seems that you are not.


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            First off you don't express yourself as someone who is well educated, but since you said you were I will take your word for it . If indeed you are, may I suggest that what may have been the moral and wiser thing for you to have done. instead of defrauding this country, you gould have formed groups to help educate others in your own country. You could have checked out companies in this country with capitol to invest, and tryed to intrest them in some endevor in your country.The one thing you will never have that is the thing everyone of our forefathers had . And without it , this country would never have begun or continued. And that is the willingness to sacrafice ones own comforts and treasure for the common good. That is the most overlooked quality our forefathers had. Yet I would say it was the most important. These were all WEALTHY men. They led good live of little struggle. But they had a vision that they could make that life availble to the masses if they could control their own fate, as opposed to having a far off king set the rules for them.If you read the preamble to our constitution,it says that the signers pledged their LIVES and their FORTUNES to their cause. Being AS THEY COULD HAVE ALL BEEN HUNG FOR TREASON IF THEY HAD FAILED, THEY WERE ALL MAKING A SERIOUS PLEDGE. If people in your country were to put as much effort into making things better for all , as you put into sneaking into and defrauding this country ,things would be better for everyone. And I hope that explains why Americans get so upset by people who try to come here by breaking our laws. We would be dishonoring these Great Men if we felt any other way.So you may think it is "no big deal", but Americans think it is "A VERY BIG DEAL"


            • #21
              To Guest GoAway Janiss:

              Oh contraire, this is my country. Your statement "this country is not yours" is false. It was mine before you got here. I have fought in a war to preserve what we have. I do not appreciate your baseless remarks about the United States of America nor those of us who are American Citizens.
              Whatever problems you may have had in your country is (was) your problem. You chose not to stay there and try to fix things; you decided to come here on a tourist visa (and probably not telling the embassy you were going to use it for something other than tourism) to find a better life - which I (and others) helped to make this way. So don't give us any garbage about how this country is something we (American citizens) do not deserve and that you somehow deserve more.


              • #22
                I think you should read the whole tread before make any comment. I am not saying anything about USA because I like this country and I'm against people who talks bad about it. I started my comments saying that this forum was made to help immigrants and not to attack them and I was attacked for some others anti-immigrants. My personal life and the way I got here as you said are my problem and it does not have to do anything with the subject of the tread. I am not discussing about it. The only thing I want you to understand is that if immigrant people come here is because we need to look for a way to support our families. It is not because we want to take something from Americans. We have to do it in a legal or illegal way, but I think that break the immigration rules does not mean that we are going to break the convivence rules. For few criminals some Americans are judging other immigrants and that is not right. Probably you had the privilege to born is this country, but we did not. Anyway we did not come to get welfare or other benefits. We came to work and I think eventhough we are working, USA still has jobs for many people. If we did not have job in our countries, why don't you share the ones you have in spare with us and give us the way to survive. I don't see where we are wrong. Might be in the way we got here, but once here we are just working.


                • #23
                  I understand your message and agree with some of it. It is easy for people to resent a whole group of people based on the behavior of some - that's where racism, ageism, sexism and other prejudices come from. Those of us who support legal immigration have issues with the people who come here and do not obey laws or assume the tax and financial responsibilities of life in America. This makes it hard for honest, hard working immigrants, because harsh laws and prejudices result that prevent them from improving their own situations. There is nothing wrong with people coming here for a better life - what matters is how they come, and how they act when they are here. I'm not directing this at you personally, but it would help reduce your frustration, I think, if you tried to see the other side of the issue. There are times when these threads get downright stupid and people lash out - try to ignore that and focus on helping others, or getting help, and remember that anyone who can be an asset to this country is welcome.


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                    Thank you guest. Your comments make me feel better.


                    • #25
                      "If strangers live with you in your land, do not molest them. You must count them as one of your own and love them as yourself for you were once strangers yourselves in Egypt. I am Yahweh your God." (Leviticus 19; 33-34)"

                      I suggest if you go to the link below so you can understand us "foreigner", non-privilege ones.



                      • #26
                        to Guest of Janiss -- what an ungrateful jerk you are. You think you "deserve" to be in America? Why? Because you scammed your way here? And then, after the US gives you asylum, you have the audacity to claim that we, the American people, do not own our country? Which country provides asylum - mine or that rat infested shithole you came from? How many Americans are leaving here and heading for your country of origin for a better life? And you think you have some kind of right to (along with others) to come here using any means?
                        Well I have news for you...I have forwarded your narrow minded comments along with a letter to my, yes, my representative - who is mine because I can vote whereas all you can do is whine and scratch your nose...and I have strongly suggested that the United States consider means to cancel asylum for those who don't seem to appreciate the enormous benefit bestowed upon them (like you) and perhaps reconsider strongly ever granting citizenship to people like you.
                        I have also reinforced the notion that stronger penalties be legislated and enforced in order to prevent more people like you from coming here or getting rid of those who really don't like our culture, our country and just want some kind of free ride and justifying their presence here in convoluted terms.


                        • #27
                          Don't you see? Your comments and the way you write are just showing that USA needs more professional people and not rude people like you that think that a country is yours and try to "defend"?? it with bad words that only show your lower level of education. Write to your representatives with the comments I wrote, but make sure to include the way that you write. I don't care because I don't think they are going to pay attention to people like you. They have things more important to do instead of pay attention to uneducated ""American Citizens." I have always thanked my parents for teach me how to be polite and educated and it makes a big difference between you and me and gives me the reason why you don't deserve to be here.


                          • #28
                            By the way, I am not making comments about USA because I like here. The only bad thing here is that unfortunately people like you live here.


                            • #29
                              Guest of Janiss - why don't you copy your comments and take them into your boss and see what his or her reaction might be? Not that brave? What a surprise. Share them with those unfortunate people who have to work with you, see what they think about your attitude and your "deservedness."
                              Hey, to all those American citizens reading this site, let's hear from you. Does this person "deserve" to be here? Is this not our country, not his? Is this the kind of individual we want to grant privileges to?
                              How do you feel about someone who has been given asylum but berates the very country, culture and people who gave it him (or her)?


                              • #30
                                Correction: I am not talking about USA and its culture. I am talking directly to you. Don't put USA in the midle because I like here and I am amazing with the order, the security, etc, etc than we find here. The only bad thing is that people like you live here. Fortunately not all americans are like you.


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