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Withdrawn I751, can alien re-enter country?

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    Dear Swissnut:

    Believe or not, the question that you just asked in its specific form, was in my mind already, and I was about to address it, but somehow missed it. So, let me answer it now-it doesn't matter even if a time is given to someone to depart from the US, because the immigration officers around the world go by the information in the computer system, and if someone's status is already been revoked or cancelled or somebody is out of status, then they won't let such person to be readmitted. The information in the computer won't say that such and such time is given to this person to leave the country, instead it only states what is the current status- that is. INS is not obligated to give any time to someone once a person's status is revoked/cancelled, that's why some INS offices/service centers are not giving any time to anyone once they are revoking or rejecting a case, instead demanding an immediate departure from this country.

    If someone is already out of the country, then s/he can not return even if s/he will be told to leave within 60 days. Those 60 days is not a "granted perirod" or "authorized periord" so that an alien can say- oh, I still have 60 days to live in this country, so please let me reenter. I believe you maybe aware of many court cases wherein INS has granted the AP to people, and then later on they revoked it without any reason when aliens were still outside the US, and when they tried to enter, immigration officers didn't let them enter because the AP they were holding in their hands were revoked already in the system. So, the answer to your question is- those 60 days has no meaning if someone already out of the country. However, INS won't detain him at port of entry if he will try to come on revoked conditional status, instead they will only refuse entry to him, that is, unless he is wanted here for some kind of crime.

    I am glad that you are doing good even though it is little bit. My prayers will always be with you. Please let me know how are doing. Take care.

    Josephine Schmo:

    Thanks for your wonderful words. You are talking about me thinking to go into teaching, well-I thought I could learn lots of things from you, like Islam since your husband is Muslim and you are learning lots from him. And more importantly, about l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s as I read your posts on another threads about them. Would you accept me your student ? I would be a good student, I promise. Gentleman promise, okay and not that kind of promises, which are told to be broken .


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      Sammy, why do you want to learn about *******s?


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        Still Learning:

        Since childhood, I've been very fond of learning everything, I meant-EVERYTHING . Anyhow, information is the key, isn't it? Nevertheless, I always curious to know how l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s live their lives , because I don't know anything about their lifestyle . It must be good though, I guess , and that I need to know. Maybe I could help someone if I know some information on them too . Do you know something about them?


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          I know two things. One is I can see why some women turn to other women after what I have seen of men lately. It just doesn't appeal to me. The second thing is I need to learn to spell it l e s b i a n.


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            I will tell you everything you want to know. You want me to tell you here, or you want a private lesson?
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              Josephine Schmo:

              I always prefer one-on-one quality time, so obviously I would prefer a private lesson that you are offering to me . You know my email address, so email me so I could be more knowledgebale thru you .


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                Sammy: You got mail!
                Sweet Madame Belu


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