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N400 app mistake?

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  • N400 app mistake?

    I am currently in line for a N400 interview and believe I made mistake in filling out app form. On question 23 i answered no, In 1998 I was "detained" along with my US citizen wife at the New Orleans field office for not getting a fiance visa before we got married (still together) we were fined $250 and were allowed to precede with visa upgrade and work permits etc. Should I answer yes at interview? And on Q 22 i said no but over 3 yrs ago i claimed a couple of weeks of unemployment insurance while working and then had to pay it back with interest and got suspended for 13 months. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You should not lie on your application. Misrepresentations will only make things harder for you.

    You must disclose the 1998 detention especially since you were detained by immigration and they will have a record of it. You must also disclose the unemployment situation and you should bring proof that you repaid any money you received and that you have no criminal record.

    You should probably speak to a lawyer about your case before you file because it sounds like you may have some issues that will come up at N-400 interview.
    Joseph Caraccio

    This response does not constitute legal advice and it does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I am not your lawyer and you should not rely on anything written above. I recommend you meet with an attorney. Immigration Law Resources | My Immigration Blog


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      Continue with the present N-400 application, however convey this to the regard for the arbitrating officer toward the begin of the meeting. Accepting it doesn't give a timetable/account error that would raise other migration issues, and the remedied date is exact, your genuineness will be welcomed. You ought to be fine to continue on the present application.


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        i think you should be carefull about that, You ought to be fine to continue on the present application.
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          Had interview yesterday, all went well. Have oath ceremony on 8th. Thanks for advice.


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