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Mom coming to visit me to the US - please help

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  • Mom coming to visit me to the US - please help

    I am a BFA student at a US college in Georgia.
    My mom wants to come to visit me from Croatia
    for about 2 weeks in august. However I am worried
    that she won't be able to get a visa.

    She is employed in Croatia as a high school
    professor and owns a house.
    Can anyone give me any advices on how to bring
    her over to the US for 2 weeks. Is the college
    supposed to help with her visa application?

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    what is your status?

    What kind of visa did you have (or do you have)? tourist or student?


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      OF COURSE she has a student visa!!!!!!!!!!!

      Does she need to repeat herself?


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        Right now I want to sh"¢ve my dirty little finger in your mum's big fatso a$$... but I can't.
        Feel offended?
        Wake up and smell the coffee, stupid.


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          This was a serious question, so I'll just ignore
          the stupid comments.
          Yes, I hold a valid F1 visa and am in status.


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            If your mom is able to prove strong ties to Croatia, she shouldtn have any problems getting the Visa.

            While trying to obtain a visa, I would suggest as much documentation as you can to show that your mom will not stay here forever. Also a good bank statement. To prove she wont try to eg twork and can afford her trip.

            Your Acedemic record will also help!


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              to "Of Course" -- please reread her first post - did she state that she had a student visa? (hint: no)
              Many people have told a story to the embassy about needing a tourist visa and then use it to change status quickly to a student and then never return to their country. So, "Of Course", my question was valid.
              to Student: your mom needs to demonstrate to the embassy that there are more reasons for her to return to Croatia than to remain in the US. Merely presenting a bank statement will not be sufficient.
              Is she still married? Does she have other children living in Croatia (or elsewhere?)

              Probably due to her position as you described and assuming that her entire family is not living in the US now, she would probably be a strong favorite to receive a tourist visa.
              The college cannot do anything to influence the embassy's decision, however.


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                OF COURSE she has a student visa!!!!!!!!!!!

                Does she need to repeat herself?


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                  Oh well guess I can only hope the people at the
                  embassy can see she has absolutely no intention
                  to stay in the US.
                  She is divorced, 52 y old and has no other children.
                  I contacted the Int. Student Office at my school
                  and they say they'll mail her a letter where
                  they will explain my enrollement at the college etc. which she can take to the embassy.
                  That, proof she has been working as a professor
                  for 25 years, house she owns and bank statement
                  is what she will bring to the embassy.

                  There is one small detail; my father works at
                  a US cruise ship company and holds some special
                  sailor visa. Hope this won't get into the way.


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                    your father's situation is not likely to matter since they are divorced - but you being the only child in the US may. Why? Because the embassy looks at both economic, social and familial ties to a country. Your mom's age and long term employment may be a big plus. Overall it sounds more favorable than not.
                    Though the college may write a letter, it will not have any impact on the embassy's decision - why? Because the college has no control over your mother once she enters the US and neither do you. The college cannot legally force you to force your mother to leave the US after a visit either.
                    So such letters have little value. On the plus side however, is the fact that you obtained a student visa - meaning you did things the right way in order to come to the US and study. That may carry a lot of weight. Anyway, good luck.


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