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I got decieved need help

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  • I got decieved need help

    I am writing this in regards with a woman who lives in Hondo,Texas,us. I live in India and i belong to respected family over here.The thing that happened to me is i met a girl from hondo texas on Facebook and we started talking and things got further felt like we fell in love with each other , i invited her to india to see me and my family and spend some time together arranged her free of cost stay at my parents separate independent apartment that was a new apartment i bought brand new furniture for her stay and luxuries for that room and she came i respectedly piked her up from airport with my family brought her here and we spent some time like 25 days together that was in April 2015 and we enjoyed showed her my city took her for sightseeing and all other nice places and we decided to get engaged and we got engaged here in a temple bought her gold ring and made her my fiance in front of a priest.then she flew back. and then we planed to get married because i loved her from my heart and we planned to get married in July. me and my parents started the arrangements for marriage as you know Hindu marriages takes a long time to get organised. Me and my parents chosen a first class 5 star hotel here as a venue showed her *** she said yeah that's fine then my parents booked the venue and paid for that venue. we chosen 4 july 2015 to get married she said yeah that is fine and then she said she don't have enough money for her air ticket i told my parents and helped her with the money to get air tickets. she came in june end by herself alone. we started shopping bought her expensive Indian dresses for the marriage bought her each an every things costed a lot of money. then on 4th july 2015 we got married all my relatives family members and respected people of my city who we respectedly invited to the marriage like Mayors and Councillors of my city Member of parliaments and Ministers of Indian govt , and police officials and chiefs all gathered at my wedding . My mom is a social worker by herself. me and my parents gifted her gold jewellry on marriage like a big gold necklace , two big gold earnings and two gold bangles. then we spent some more time together and enjoyed here took her to hill station for the honeymoon and in july end she flew back. . AS soon as she reached there she got changed and started making false excuses to end this marriage without any reason , everyday another fake excuses and stories and mind games she started playing with me and my family and started asking money indirectly and started hiding this marriage from everyone over there ,she didn't uploaded any single pic of our marriage and started deleting my comments on my *** as well, i kept asking her its our marriage upload our *** but she said its none of your business me and my family got shocked and became very stressed of her actions ,she stoped piking my calls and replying my texts after that i called her work tried to reach her and told them can i talk with *********** ,the lady that piked the call said she said over here she is single and not married and she been to India just for a visit i got shocked and broken inside and totally devastated. She totally deceived me and my family and deceiving people over there too and hiding this marriage like a thug and a con-woman . my marriage with her is totally legal and registered over here with the registrar according to the special marriage act. even i told her before coming here to bring her birth certificate but she didn't brought that was very strange and we have to go to us embassy to take the permission and she took the oath there for the affidavit of her birth certificate. According to me i think she is already married there that's why she is hiding this marriage and she got two kids from two different men. i . Marriage is a sacred thing but she played with each and everyone's heart, love money, emotions and time and she don't have any shame or fear. . i hope you can understand my position i am really stressed and devastated feels like my hands are tied.i hope to hear from you soon. Her cell phone is off or she barred me càlling her and not texting me back from many days. What can I do now ? What are my rights ? Can I apply the self petition as a battered spouse from here in India I am already in depression and mental shock. I hope you can understand my situation. Regards Sunny

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