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how do i proof i'm a caregiver to my mom as Hardship

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  • how do i proof i'm a caregiver to my mom as Hardship

    hi guys

    the only hardship i have that i know is basically is that i take care of my mom, and my dad, but mostly my mom.

    i put lotion on her back
    walk daily for exercise
    electrodes for her atrophied left shoulder and back
    light physical therapy for her left arm
    i bring her to some of her eye and doctor appointment through taxi or bus.
    bring her things that she can't reach or lift to her.
    cook food for parents/me
    do dishes
    help with computer
    i'm very close to my parents
    my dad has high blood pressure.
    my dad also has arthritis
    dad has hearing problem
    my mom has thyroid issue as well.
    she also get injection for her vision.

    how do i proof all this that make sure that it's a good reason for hardship especially the stuff at home?

    also, i don't think this would be a strong enough case to have my waiver approved.

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    You can start by explaining in a detailed affidavit exactly what you do for them. They can also write or dictate affidavits explaining how you help them.

    You can prove these things by providing evidence in support of your claims. You should get medical records, letters from doctors, and copies of prescriptions filled at the pharmacy. Get records of your mother's continued physical therapy. Immigration likes to see continued treatment or multiple doctor visits. You can keep the receipts from taxi or bus rides to confirm what you are saying.

    You can attach printouts from reputable sources regarding your parents medical conditions. (try You can print out country condition reports from your home country to show how the conditions in your home country would make it difficult or impossible for your parents to return with you. (Use the Department of State Reports or look at Human Rights Watch ).

    Provide copies of bills and any income you have to show financial hardship that your parents would suffer without you.

    Show that you have been paying your taxes. They really like to see taxes.
    Joseph Caraccio

    This response does not constitute legal advice and it does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I am not your lawyer and you should not rely on anything written above. I recommend you meet with an attorney. Immigration Law Resources | My Immigration Blog


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