I am in process of preparing documents for L1 visa application as own foreign business for sometime being member and CEO in two companies.

But since I've started to prepare my business plan (myself of course) I understand that will need time to firstly start with my investments (property renovate or small development) and check how will business go because L1 for new office has its first period for one year and I have to be completely sure in all aspects before starting that period.

So the question is: may I manage verbally, meeting with people, surveying potential projects, paying staff and contractor (or just contractors), visiting US without permanent live and of course do not hide it including trip reasons to officer crossing board on B1 / B2 visa meaning that just after I will be sure I will apply for CoS?

Also there will be no salary for me or if I will get ITIN I will pay taxes through myself returning all profit to company for that period of time.

Please advice because all activities like obtain EIN and especially ITIN takes time and all other things will take time so being limited by one year to show result for L1 expansion is not good approach for me.