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B1/B2 Visa and DV lottery

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  • B1/B2 Visa and DV lottery

    I've applied for getting B2 tourist visa for my whole family, i.e. Me, wife and 4y child. We plan to have a fun during christmass period in New York and California. We hope to get 10 year multi visa this time, since it is common right now in our country and of course have no intent to stay in US illegaly.
    Some info:
    1. Me and my wife working in solid US based company with good sallary for our country - several times higher than average sallary in our country.
    2. We have several visas in our passports - us, europe. I have even more - canada, korea, hong kong, etc
    3. Me and wife traveled to US beg of this year for medical purposes and been there 17days.
    4. We are owning home, which is beeing built right now, but the original certificate is in bank, since we took mortgage loan. Will present copy with info from bank about property being held in bank as a for loan.
    5. We will show more than enough funds in our bank accounts.

    I've following questions/concerns:
    A. We are back from Italy on end of Oct and immidiately applying for new trip/holidays in Dec - can it be suspicious or strange for councilar officer? And of course affect his decisions.
    B. We have been in US beg of year now want to be there once more during the same year. Can it be concerning as well?
    C. And the last and most important one - my wife wants to apply for DV lottery in Oct and we are in interview in Nov. Can it be considered as immigration intent.

    I don't want to jeapordize our non-immigrant multi-visa due to applying to DV lottery.
    Anyone can comment?


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    Great to get you!!

    HI I Much good to acceess this Sited


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      Great to see you!!

      Hi, guys I Very happy to acceess this Sited


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