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  • feeling a bit trapped

    asking for opinions. I am feeling quite trapped. I have been for a year now. I fell in love with a guy whom I thought had a work permit and such to be here legally... any ways, we lived together for a year and a half then I got pregnant with our daughter but I didnt know at the time, so 3 month into the pregnancy I found out that my boyfriend is NOT here legally, and has been using a fake social security number and such... and then I took a test that showed I was pregnant and now im trapped. but putting my best foot forward we consulted with an immigration attorney who said if he can prove he was in the us before so and so date and prove he was here continuously since then he can apply for so and so. well that was almost a year ago today. and nothing has been done except from acquiring his high school records. So im feeling frustrated from not seeing any progress... under california he can actually get a AB60 license now, he has an appointment next week that has been made two months in advance... but yet he hasn't studied for it, in fact im pretty sure he will fail because i asked him questions on the practice test and he missed half of them. He said he was going to do the hard things first then the easy things later but I told him i need to see progress so do the easy things first! I told him I would like to see one thing done a week, some suggestions I listed were to take a practice GED test to find out what he needs to work on, to practice for the written drivers test, to get papers together from a year at a time from the time the attorney said, to get affidavits from the people he knows saying he was here the whole time. to get photos proving he was in the Us. TO DO SOMETHING that moves the process forward... and well besides the high school transcripts... hes done nothing... at this point I am scared it will never be done. I dream of having a mortgage together and a whole family without the stress of the fake IDs the fake numbers and the constant anxious feeling of someone finding out and him being deported. at the same time I dont want to feel like I gave up on him. I am trying my hardest to support him and help him but it feels like he is not doing anything to help his situation. I ask him what he got done at the end of the week and he says nothing, I was busy cooking, cleaning, working. I feel torn like i feel like hes using us as an excuse not to get something done... but at the same him I feel like him taking care of us is a valid excuse. I think im just tired of this whole mess but I feel trapped because I love him and I still have hope of having a home with him without the anxiety....

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    Hey Stuckmom, sorry to hear about your situation. It's seems like you're really concerned about your boyfriend as well as your child. I'm glad you want to do something about it. Please try to take a step and move forward. I'm sorry I don't know what advice to give other than don't give up. Maybe you should consult another attorney? or a friend? Hopefully, in the future you can use your child as a motivation to get through this together. Good luck, please let us know what's happening.
    --Good luck--
    Good luck with your case. I learned the hard way, I hope you don't have to. Immigration is very interesting. Nothing shall be considered as legal advice. All communication is non-expert opinion.{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"Smile","src":"http:\/\/\/images\/smilies\/smile.png"}


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