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  • b1/b2 visa annotation

    I was granted a B1/B2 visa with a single entry that will expire on September 2015. The annotation written on the visa is as follows:

    WYA International Summer Camp
    New York, NY
    July 2015

    I was supposed to go to that camp but there was a misunderstanding and have recently been informed that they wont be able to accommodate me anymore. On my interview, I told the consulate that aside from the camp, I will be visiting my relatives. Will I still be able to use my visa to go visit my relatives and tour around the US given that I wont be able to join the camp anymore?

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    No. The purpose of your visa was to visit the camp.


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      Federale86 - - - - maybe you would like to cite law or regulation that supports your statement of "No"

      My advice after 35 years of practicing immigration law: Go ahead and visit your friends, relatives and the USA. Just be sure you leave before your I-94 admission expires. There is no prohibition in law or regulation that prohibits you from doing things other than your stated purpose of applying for the B visa, so long as you did not make any willful misrepresentations on the visa application. B visas are visitor visas and as long as you are a visitor and do not work unlawfully, you can do anything you want while you are here and the "purpose" you may have put on the visa application, as long as it was true at the time, does not limit your activities under the B visa. Who knows what "Federale86" bases his/her ridiculous opinion on. That's like claiming on the visa application that you are going to visit Disneyland . . . . . and that's all, because the visa does not allow you to do anything but visit Disneyland? Get serious.


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