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Is this considered Marriage Fraud?!

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  • Is this considered Marriage Fraud?!

    I was married once and divorced TWICE from the same woman...

    I will be as brief as possible and to the point. I am a born U.S. citizen and on February 21, 2011 I married my "fiance" at the time who is a Colombian National and 21 years my junior. "We" did not get along so she decides to leave on January 2012 after a discussion. Before leaving she called the cops and there was a police report filed stating her intentions of leaving. No mention of any abuse from either party because none existed.

    She later confessed that she was seeing someone but that she felt we might be able to work things out and willing to break up with the relationship.

    I agreed to give it a try but it was not working. She would come home and after a day or two we would start arguing and then she would leave. In two occasions and with a lame attempt at acting, she would scream like if someone was hurting her and call the cops while she was "visiting" my apt. The cops would arrive and saw that noting was happening but would take a report. We took a trip to her country in December 2012 for 7 wks. as a last attempt to reconcile but the arguments would just get worst. I left her parents house the same day we arrived.

    Shortly after returning (April 2013) I filed for divorce (a no fault divorce) and since I never knew her address my attorney suggested we serve her by posting and we did. The divorce was final June 21, 2013 and on July 5, 2013 I left on a long-term motorcycle trip (planetearthpassport . com).

    About two months ago I discovered that she ignored OR did not know about the divorce and decided to file for her own, in the same county. That second divorce was final in November 2013, but she made it an AT FAULT divorce-claiming "Cruelty". I was never served because she claimed that she did not know my address although my legal address remains the same for over 8 years. The same one she lived, the same one on her DL at the time and the same one for my business for which I maintain a full time staff even during my long-term trip.

    I filed for a dismissal of HER divorce with my attorney and I discover that her attorney has been "dis barred" from practicing law in the state. Therefore she needs to be severed by posting again, since I still do not know her address or have any contact with her and according to my attorney can take several weeks for the hearing to take place.

    I believe she got her permanent green card since she has been to her native country and back and this week she remarried. I had already made an appt. with immigration as soon as I got to the U.S. last month and wrote a statement, showed a copy of the police report filed the day she left as well as a copy of BOTH divorces. The Officer that attended me stated that he has never seem a case like this and that they would put it in her file. He also told me that no action would be taken until she returns for a follow up for any immigration benefits.

    It seems that it is way too easy to commit immigration fraud and get away with it. I have thought of writing to my congressman and possibly notify the news and see if they are interested in making this case news. It's just not fair that so many good people are trying to enter this country in good faith yet so many others are committing fraud so easily. (Actually I'm not sure if this is considered fraud.)

    I am just curious as to how this story will end and if INS even cares about "cases" like this. What do you think will happen? Did I do anything wrong on my handling of this situation? What should be my next step? Should I try to notify my ex via her family and friends regarding the situation? Please HELP the anxiety is killing me!

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    Yes, is fraud.


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      @Federale86. Again, you give an opinion with no reference to law or regulation. You really don't know what you are talking about do you? And if you do, state the elements of fraud and more specifically the elements of immigration fraud as it relates to marriage, and state the facts upon which you make claim that indeed the above situation is "fraud" . . . can't do it can you?


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