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    In many states, if not all, accept international driver's license subject to your existing documents specifically your I-94.You might have misinterpreted whoever is in the DMV about a license which cannot be used for any legal status.Your IDL is enough for you to drive as long as it is valid concurrent to your visa.


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      I myself is from NJ and I know that here, dmv is very strict with their issuance of DL to applicants. In fact, there are only 4 agencies where non-citizens can appy for their DL.
      When it come to IDL, you can use it anywhere here in the US provided you have a valid DL from your country. This is in accordance with a UN resolution wherein US is among the signatories.


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        Thanks a lot, so that means that for the time being I can use my international driver licence translates by NY agency?


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          I've filed for AOS and I don't have a ssn.
          I have a federal tax identification number and I took the driver license.

          Try to get a federal tax identification number!!


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            In what state was it, I live in Nj in Clifton, what else they wanted from you beside TIN? That would be a great news.Did they know that it was TIN?


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              He is in LA.As what everybody is telling you, you can not get DL without proper INS documentations.You can't bend rules in NJ and they are the worst to deal with. If you apply for DL in NJ it's like you are applying for a job. You need to show them either your EAD, SSN card or passport with a stamp of I-551. Approved I-130 is nothing to them.


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                what I did is show the receipts from my filed INS papers, a birth certificate, passport and TIN

                They didn't wanna do it at first then I said I'll have my attorney contact them


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                  Persons who are not eligible for SSNs may be able to obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification numbers (ITINs) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Some states that require the SSN for driver's license issuance may be able to accept the ITIN instead.

                  Please note that, as with SSNs, ITINs cannot be issued specifically for the purpose of a driver's license. In fact, the following reminder appears at the top of the application form: "This number is for tax purposes only." The form also mentions that persons who are eligible for the SSN should not apply for the ITIN. An example of a person who may need an ITIN would be an H-4 spouse. Since H-4s are not authorized to work, they would not ordinarily be eligible for the SSN, but may need the ITIN to file taxes jointly with the H1B spouse or to open a bank account.


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