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    My name is A. I Came from China . .
    I got married with the U.S. citizen, B, in 2013.
    In the beginning, our marriage was not too bad. I was pretty sure about how much he loved me. I was happy and interested in everything here in the America.
    He always took me out driving around the city in the weekend. At week days, he came back home from work to be with me at lunch time every day at that time.
    We have been talked to each other when we started dreaming our future. Things like opening a coffee shop, we would have nice services and nice customers. We would feel happy for our job and should make good money, too. One day I told him that I have never had a toy in my childhood. He hugged me and even wept, asking me if I want one.
    We even talked about our new baby, if we would have one. She/he must be beautiful.
    He bought me an expensive ring as a present just four months ago.
    We was trying to make our new home nicely, so we bought this house. We have been looked over so many houses together, finally, we chose this one which I liked very much. We have put both of our money together buying this house. I was clear that he worked hard to reach this goal.
    My car was bought using the money from both of us as well. But at that time, I didn’t have a green card. The name we put to the owner of the car was my husband’s name, B. (Now we are going to divorce, he will give my car back to me.)
    After a while, I was not very happy then. I could only stay home waiting for him while he was doing his things. I tried to learn how to talk to people I met in an American way and to understand him better as well
    At that time, I didn’t have a green card. Due to this fact, I couldn’t have a chance to have a driving license or to do things without him.
    All I can to do was just waiting.
    Sometimes, he could understand my situation, but most of the time he refused to listen to my request for freedom. I stared angry easily, screamed, and even said things which would hurt him.
    However, he would still come back to me in the next day. I considered him to be the people really loved me. Also spoiled me.
    I wanted to keep calm, but I know I didn’t.
    I have been trapped in this situation since we lived together in 2013, for about two years. This year, I got my driving license eventually. I felt so happy that my dream could start from that time, but he seemed not very happy.
    Now we got very serious problems. We could not even talk to each other normally.
    Since everything we had tried finally turned cold, living with each other would just hurt the other more and more, we decided to divorce.

    Here’s my situations:

    Firstly, our marriage was real.
    After my daughter and I got our conditional green cards, my husband applied everything essential for us, such as healthcare insurance, credit card for family members, and some membership cards for supermarkets and stores as well.
    We have bought a house which shows both our name on the certificate before we divorced. I have all the documents and evidences for the things above to prove.

    Secondly, I was a licensed engineer in China. I worked for a construction company. I gave up my job in order to get here for this marriage, and I haven’t been trained to work for about three years. I don’t think that I could still be qualified for this job right now, so I could not go back China taking my job again.

    Thirdly, my daughter came here with me, studying for senior in high school right now. She has been attending high school here in the U.S. for two years and applied to college here as well. She has been admitted to University here in the US and will go for freshman in August this year. Her old school back in China has already removed her from the school roll, so that she could not participate in the National College Entrance Examination to get enrolled in colleges in China.

    At present I have a conditional green card .I want to asK after I divorce how can we(my daughter and I) get our ten-year green cards instead of conditional ones??

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    You can't. Your marriage was fraudulent and does not meet the legal definition of a valid marriage.


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      we wasnt fraudulent .is him want to divorce .i think he felt to hard tobe together .wasnt me want to divorce .but i dont want to keep a marrige for somebody doesnt love .
      we have family healthcare insure.we bought a house together .we went to his family party .wei have same bank count.we have been done everyting together ....we wasnt fraudulent!
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