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    I live in NY and my DL is going to expire in few days and I was not granted its extension.
    I am ILLEGAL here, like other 8 million people. I would like to remind many of you that the idea of USA is a country of immigrants. Most of your ancestors were immigrtants, legal or not legal. As many of illegal immigrants living here, I am paying my taxes and insurance for my car, as well as other bills. Believe it or not I am in charge of 20 people, most born Americans here, because I know more than they do.
    My petition to adjust my status has been pending with DOL already for few years and nothing is moving, but sooner or later I will be granted legal residency in this country.
    As soon as my DL will expire I will leave my car on my driveway and will be taking taxi or one of my American friends will be taking me to work. I wouldn't like to find myself in a situation where I am going to be hit by a drunken driver, and still be at fault since I will no longer caryy a DL.

    Don't forget American Citizens: most of illegal immigrants do jobs that you would never consider taking. Thank to them you can eat cheaper food, your stores, houses and streets are clean.And they get paid less than USC.
    But IRS takes their taxes, banks gives them credit for houses and loans for cars.
    It is very contradicting: why take taxes and give all those credits? Because, the country makes money on them.

    According NYCImmParalegal driving is a privilege and illegal presence is unlawful, but allowed by immigration. As long as you pay your fees to immigration and thousand of bucks to your lawyer, wait your turn, sooner or later you will become a lawful resident.

    I think the whole Driver License issue is going to cause more problems. Terrorist will not be stopped. Illigall immigrants will not leave the country, even worse they will be driving their cars without DL hoping they would not get caught.
    If we stop driving think how much money insurance and car dealer will loose:
    5 year old car can be purchased for $7,000, full insurance for average $2,000. Now multiply that number by only half of immigrants in US;4 mln, it will come up to 36,000 000 000, which is 36 billion dollars. Isn't that more less the amount of California state debt?


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      I am sorry. I made a mistake. 36 bln dollras is a close number of California budget deficit.


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        >I am ILLEGAL here


        >USA is a country of immigrants.

        LEGAL immigrants.

        >My petition to adjust my status has been

        How can you adjust if you're *illegal*? Unless you're out-of-status and adjusting through marraige. ??

        >Don't forget American Citizens: most of
        >illegal immigrants do jobs that you would
        >never consider taking.

        Don't also forget. There's LAW-ABIDING mexicans who clean toilets in mexico city, and somalians in Africa who also would LOVE to do these jobs -- but their only fault is that they're LAW-ABIDING and respect our laws and don't jump the border. For every illegal farm worker -- i'd like to deport and replace with a legal mexican who lives in mexico and would like to LEGALLY come here and work in a farm and do these jobs.

        >But IRS takes their taxes

        How can you pay taxes if you don't have legal right to work and can't get a SSN??

        >Illigall immigrants will not leave the

        Has nothing to do with that. Illegals will *never* leave til deported. The point is to DISCOURAGE future illegals to come here. If we roll out the red carpet, hell yeah more are gonna come.

        >which is 36 billion dollars. Isn't that more
        >less the amount of California state debt?

        Boy are you in liberal-land with those numbers!

        -= nav =-


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          Piv said:
          >>According NYCImmParalegal driving is a privilege and illegal presence is unlawful, but allowed by immigration. As long as you pay your fees to immigration and thousand of bucks to your lawyer, wait your turn, sooner or later you will become a lawful resident.

          It's not according to me, but it's according to the laws of the land. Driving is indeed a privilege, not a right. And illegal status in the U.S. is NOT allowed by immigration. Again, unless there is an amnesty, there is almost zilch that an illegally present person in the U.S. can do, even by paying thousands to an attorney (who would, in my opinion, be unethical to accept this money). The point is that the laws as they stand now do not allow illegally present people in the U.S. to legalize their status. They will always be subject to the 3/10 year bar or deportation or possible fraud charges (for using false documents) etc.


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            Why would you want to live in New Jersey anyway ? I guess even New Jersey is better than whatever hellhole this clown crawled out from under. If BCIS doesn't get him, I hope a New Jersey State Trooper kicks his ***. New Jersey State Troopers are required to be ex Marines so a *** kicking there will be !


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              IRS created for all those not elligible for SSN ITIN, which is Individual Tax ID number.

              And please find me an ethical lawyer, because I don't know any.
              And here is a fragment from immigration website abour 245(i) paragraph:." If you entered the United States unlawfully, or if you entered with permission but did not stay in lawful status, you normally would have to leave the United States in order to apply for an immigrant visa. Special rules under Section 245(i) may allow you to apply to adjust status without leaving the United States.

              Doesn't this mean that they do allow illegal immigration?

              How nice that NYCimm is an immigrant himself/herslef and now works for immigration and hopes that all illegal will be deported. Just lovely. Good luck to you all.


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                I believe that NYC works in the immigration *field*, but not for "immigration" (ie- uscis). I see many immigrants that are hostile towrds illegal immigrants, under the theory that "they make them look bad" or that "they didn't go through the wait/time/whatever" that hey did. However, I think that noone really believes that most illegals wouldn't love the oppurtunity to wait, file, pay, etc if they had *some way to qualify*. The problem is that most illegal aliens did not qualify even if they waited forever.

                245(i) did allow adjustment, even if you *were* illegal, but only if you now had a way to qualify (through work or family). However 245(i) has expired (and its most recent incarnation had a $1,000 extra fee).

                NC does not require proof of immirgation status, but they do require ITIN, insurance, and proof of residency in NOrth Carolina.

                NJ is a wonderful place with a variety of different environments, from urban to very rural. It is unfortunate that many of the State Troopers are over-militaristic. However they mostly have jurisdiction over the Turnpike, Parkway, and other interstates.


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