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  • SKS

    "American: my concern (amongst many) is the number of illegals driving w/o insurance. Giving them licenses will not motivate to buy insurance - they are already breaking the law, what is one more?"

    So, if they won't buy insurance, then why would they get a license?? Are you saying if the license law was in effect, illegal immigrants wouldn't get them?? Why, if they broke the law before, wouldn't they be content with continuing to "break laws"?

    Quite the contrary, not only would many get a license but insurance as isn't very expensive either. (Not liability anyway..)

    "IN spite of numerous ramblings by others, illegals overall do NOT pay for their hospital bills,"

    There are definitely financial concerns. I am in favor of insurance for this.

    " wrecks,"

    So, you previously stated we shouldn't give them a license and a chance for insurance. Then quit you b!tching and moaning and don't be surprised when many get in wrecks!! Allow them insurance, and this help our issue...

    " for their children and a host of other things."

    Our government allows an education, moot point.

    "....but certainly not all (since many work under the table)"

    What culpability do businesses have in this??

    "This is not fair."

    Life isn't fair...

    "Charging them some token $1500 "fine" is not punishment -"

    Raise the fine then....

    "...and these same scam artists leap ahead of all those waiting outside the US, to immigrate LEGALLY. This is wrong."

    Those would be waiting regardless....

    "In spite of what SKS believes, a $1500 fine will not motivate anyone to obey immigration laws."

    How so??

    "However, if not only charged them, but then forced them to go back to for a certain period of time, without exception, this might encourage more people to obey and respect our laws."

    This one gets a fat, YAAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN. Lets just round'em all up and deport'em! Can I interest you in some magic beans?

    Those here, yep, still here. More enter and overstay as we "chat", and many more continue to drive. Facts.

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  • american
    I do have strong feeling about the mass of illigal immigrants here in our country and is still coming in. But my point is this someone 12, I am afraid that if I or someone else should have an accident, whether serious or otherwise, only to find out that the other person have no drivers license or insurance - what next? Because, believe me, some are still driving without these things.

    Someone 12, let me tell you a short story: one of my co-workers met in an accident 2 years ago. She was badly hurt, her car totalled. She collided with someone, he died on the spot. It turned out it was her fault - she was going up a one-way street. I'm figuring she was drunk - she said no. Whatever. Anyway, some people in the office expressed sorrow for the young man, including myself (he was 21 - latino), and was wondering if she would be charged for manslaughter. Her reply was no - because the guy was an illegal immigrant. I, and others were totally floored! Why, because although some are born Americans, others in our office are not. Turkish, English, Irish Finnish Puerto Rican, Italian - they just could'nt believe it.

    I believe what's good for the goose, should be good for the gander - she did get charged for something and is no longer working with our company.

    Tell me what you think.

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  • SKS

    "Actually I used your "half-witty" remark....I guess I owe you half a royalty.."

    First one is on me....

    "...and coming from SKS, gosh, that means a lot. So you and SKS "rule the universe"?"

    There is only one Master of the Universe,
    He Man...

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  • american
    Know something Someone 12 - I'm begining to like you - really.

    I think you would like me too - independent, beautiful black woman!

    I don't believe you are nasty at all!

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  • american
    See Someone 12, even SKS thinks you are an idiot!

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  • american
    "read your bible" - look who is cutting and pasting now!

    Get off the board!

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  • american
    What, you immigration officer now?

    Get off the board! Enough already!

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  • Debman
    Kudris, you can't possibly understand what is going on in my life or in this case. You are "partly" right. I did came as a visitor and my plan was to stay for just 6 months. But before going back, realisation hit. After staying here, I realised just how bad conditions in my country really are. Do you have any idea what is going on in some countries? Killing, rapes, theft... I don't think so, cause here in the USA you don't have that problem. Imagine a country where 10 000 farmers are killed in the 10 years after a new government took over??? Can you imagine that? Nothing has happened since to improve this and the killings are still going on.

    Even choosing another visa (a work visa for instance) wouldn't help. Those visa's also expire and are just as hard to get extended.

    I did participate in the DVD - cause I do qualify. And at this moment I am trying to do whatever it takes.

    I understand that you have a problem with some immigrants. But don't judge all of us the same way.

    You don't know what you're talking about if you say that I ignored any of your laws. I've never been illegal in this country since the day I set my foot here. So please show me where I ignored any laws.

    I don't think you know any immigrants and that is the main reason you don't understand the situation. The people I work with (AMERICANS) are all helping and praying with me to get all my paperwork in order. They know and understand what I'm going through and are helping where they can. We did file for a labor certificate in March, but are still waiting and will be waiting for another 2 years or so. It is not as if I came over with the intention of breaking any laws (which I haven't done)

    I don't really see this as a reward, but is surely will help a lot of good people who has no hope of staying in the USA to better their life and that of their families. Do you know what it feels like to always be afraid? Going to a shopping mall afraid that you would be raped, carjacked, murdered??? If you knew you would understand why people try their best to stay in a safe country.

    Do yourself and others a favor and try to become a immigrants friend. Even if it is just to prove your point or maybe even better to get to know us and see that all are not bad and some of us really try to obey all laws...

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  • SKS
    someone12-Ahhhh, yes, that's what I thought....


    Go ahead, I'll allow you to use my witty remarks and such........I like how you've never done that until I did.

    That's ok, I'm a leader not a follower!!

    I like the YAAAAWWN, pretty funny, that is why I use it.....

    And while you made that big yawn, more entered and overstayed!!

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  • SKS

    "quick....somebody grab a shovel and a pan and sweep up all that horse manure spread around here by SKS...."

    Cute, how about your nonsense?? Seems reality is tough for you.

    "....legalization is not a solution, it is a REWARD for breaking our laws.."

    Paying a fine is a "reward"??

    Everybody in traffic court today should rejoice, becaues they will soon be "rewarded"??

    Idiotic logic you have.

    "...legalization will not repay hospitals and schools for the bills left to them by illegals,"

    Allowing them a chance to buy insurance will make an impact.......

    What "school bills"?? OUR government allows them an education, take up your b!tching and moaning with them. THEY ALLOW an education for immigrants! Thus, moot point.....

    And doing nothing is the answer??

    Oh, I know, they'll magically be done away with......who knows how and when right?? Keep it in the sand........

    Hope you like status quo.....that is what you'll get with your ideas!

    " will not repair the disproportionate damage to the infrastructure of many states [brought about by overuse and undercompensation since illegals pay virtually zippo in taxes],"

    Like what??

    " will not bring any justice or fairness to those waiting their turns to LEGALLY immigrate.."

    LIFE isn't fair.....those people would be waiting regardless.

    "so maybe you are was the only thing that you could think of...because your so-called "solution" is essentially doing nothing..."

    Uhh, ok. YOU are the one without a viable solution, not me....

    You seem to want something that our government will not deliver....thus, YOUR idea is just that, an idiotic idea. That's ok, wishful thinking is good for the heart!

    Oh, yeah, lets send them all home on planes right?? Genius. Can I interest you in some magic beans??

    "..and strengthening the borders AFTER the illegals enter does nothing to address the resultant problems."

    Right, legalization is the best way to go.....

    "And yes more enter, more stay.. facts....(gee, why couldn't I have thought up this catchy phrase?"

    Yep, at least you admit these IMPORTANT facts. Those here, still here. Have been for years and they'll be here for many more. Prove me wrong. More enter and overstay as well. I rest my case!

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  • SKS

    "These proposal would require EFFORT, something that has been sadly lacking, on the part of the legislators..."

    Uhh, ok, other words nothing will get done! You honestly expect a real change from our politicians?? "Effort"? Nah, but I could be wrong. PROVE it to me, talk is cheap.

    "...but, in spite of your YAAAAAWWWWNNNNNNing your own entropy does nothing to resolve the problems,"

    Uhh, ok. Reading comprehension dear fellow. I am in favor of legalization AND a stronger border. Seems to resolve some things just fine.

    "...does nothing to indicate you even so much as drop a postcard to any legislator,"

    How would you know?? I've done so MANY times.....although it was not the same argument as yours. Also, I VOTE, and have done so since I became of age.....

    "...and all you want to do is post smileyfaces on sections of people's postings and make half-a$$ed attempts to dismiss any argument or idea that you don't believe would work."

    Have you read my posts, I'm in favor of a legalization program AND a stronger border........seems you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    I dismiss arguments because they are silly and have nothing to do with reality......

    And by the way, it isn't so much that I believe they won't work, but OUR politicians do. Otherwise they would be implemented. I make my assessments not on pie in the sky stuff or emotions, but the reality of how OUR congress works.....

    "But I have yet to read any idea whatsoever of yours that addresses the total illegal immigration problem......"

    Read my prior posts, I've done so MANY times.

    "....and the lack of fairness to those waiting outside the US...."

    Life is unfair......they would be waiting regardless.

    " well as the impact on US taxpayers."

    A legalization plan is the best solution I can think of....

    "Your last several postings in various categories closes with that tiresome hor$e$hit..."more enter more overstay.facts" (or some variant thereof) original."

    Is it not fact??

    Is it a lie??

    Don't more enter?

    Don't more overstay??

    Truth hurts sometimes, but we must deal with it.......

    And yep, they are still here and more have entered and overstayed. Facts.

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  • SKS

    "Yes SKS, paying a tiny fine is a rewards - and 245(i) was an amnesty, no matter what it is called.."

    How so?? If somebody didn't have a labor certification or a spouse sponser, how did somebody adjust??

    "..and it let untold thousands benefit from their scamming and breaking of US law-"

    How so??

    "AND jump ahead of all those waiting their turn outside the US (making those folks believe they are the ****ers)...I noticed you didn't respond or paste one of those dip$hit smiley-faces on that part of my posting..."

    It's a moot point, they would be waiting regardless.

    " one that I have ever heard of has been forced to comply with a 3 or 10 year ban, who took the 245(i) option - yet we were led to believe that paying the fine would NOT relieve said illegal of that eventual penalty...but when is it going to take affect?"

    Once a person adjusts and is a permanent resident, they can still be barred?? Is that what you are saying??

    "And also please proposal, that every illegal must depart the US and pay the fine, does not require Gestapo-type raids on houses;"

    How does it get enforced then??

    "...rather it will place the burden of compliance upon the very lawbreakers themselves - if we enforce this proposal - NO adjustment of status EVER and once the deadline to depart has passed, all illegals become FELONS, subject to immediate arrest and immediate deportation,"

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWNNN. Where did you get that, FAIR?? Cute idea though.......If you think something like this will ever happen, I have some magic beans that you might want to buy!!

    "...even when stopped for so much as a traffic ticket (and of course, they have to pay the "fine" for this too)...and, just to sweeten the pot,"

    HAHAHAHA, geez, you need to do a stand-up comedian routine with this stuff!! This is funny, I'm gettin' a real kick out of it over here.......

    "...let's consider bringing in spouses/children of GC holders, as thousands of illegals depart (note, not dePORT) increase the number of visas available proportionate to the exodus rate."

    YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNN, again, where did you get that from FAIR?? Why not have an alien spaceship come down and wisk them all away...........this seems more realistic than your idea!! Are you interested in some magic beans!!!????

    "So simple."

    Then why isn't it happening now, and why hasn't it happened in the past??

    "And the USG still collects the money and may well minimize expenditures of deportation when the illegals are required to, in effect, self-deport."

    Pie in the sky!! Keep your noggin in the sand dear fellow.........reality seems to be passing you by as well.

    As we speak, millions become ever more a part of AMERICAN society. They drive, more enter and more overstay. Facts.

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  • Aguila
    You are out of your mind!

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  • Angie
    I guess some people (someone 12) did not read the information about the president's new plan before the responded. This is not 245I and will not do anything for husbands, wives, cousins, etc. Hopefully a portion of the DREAM act will be adopted into this to allow children that were brought here as minors and finish school to become legal. This is for working people!!! There will be a fine, a criminal background check and required medical exams. Also, there was mention that it is intended to initially ease up on agricultural workers but WILL expand to other areas such as construction and industrial aspects as well.

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  • atom
    This Someone12 claims to be an immigration attorney, but I keep wondering what his/her revenue model is...

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