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    "American: my concern (amongst many) is the number of illegals driving w/o insurance. Giving them licenses will not motivate to buy insurance - they are already breaking the law, what is one more?"

    So, if they won't buy insurance, then why would they get a license?? Are you saying if the license law was in effect, illegal immigrants wouldn't get them?? Why, if they broke the law before, wouldn't they be content with continuing to "break laws"?

    Quite the contrary, not only would many get a license but insurance as isn't very expensive either. (Not liability anyway..)

    "IN spite of numerous ramblings by others, illegals overall do NOT pay for their hospital bills,"

    There are definitely financial concerns. I am in favor of insurance for this.

    " wrecks,"

    So, you previously stated we shouldn't give them a license and a chance for insurance. Then quit you b!tching and moaning and don't be surprised when many get in wrecks!! Allow them insurance, and this help our issue...

    " for their children and a host of other things."

    Our government allows an education, moot point.

    "....but certainly not all (since many work under the table)"

    What culpability do businesses have in this??

    "This is not fair."

    Life isn't fair...

    "Charging them some token $1500 "fine" is not punishment -"

    Raise the fine then....

    "...and these same scam artists leap ahead of all those waiting outside the US, to immigrate LEGALLY. This is wrong."

    Those would be waiting regardless....

    "In spite of what SKS believes, a $1500 fine will not motivate anyone to obey immigration laws."

    How so??

    "However, if not only charged them, but then forced them to go back to for a certain period of time, without exception, this might encourage more people to obey and respect our laws."

    This one gets a fat, YAAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN. Lets just round'em all up and deport'em! Can I interest you in some magic beans?

    Those here, yep, still here. More enter and overstay as we "chat", and many more continue to drive. Facts.


    • #32

      "magic beans aren't going to solve anything either...."

      Yes they will!! Maybe they'll grow into a money tree!

      "...handing over driver's licenses is not going to encourage illegals to a)buy insurance and b) drive better....simple fact"

      Based on what??

      Thus, it is status quo!! Hope you like it. They'll continue to drive......Just don't b!tch and moan about our current situation.

      " I said before, no real need to 'round 'em up'...just establish a date by which they must report to a) pay their fine and b) leave the country - and not come back for a while..."

      Uhh, yeah, ok. Real cute. People are going to "voluntarily" leave. Not gonna happen. Now that is some funny stuff, you should do a stand-up comedy routine!

      "...and those who miss the boat (or plane) instantly become FELONS and instantly become ineligible for ANY adjustment of status FOREVER without exception..."

      HAHAHAHAHAH, keep it coming! You have some good material for a comedy routine! I'm rolling in laughter over here!

      "....maybe that'll prod them in the behind to get with the program .... and at minimal expense to the US govt...."

      More good stuff!!!! AAHHHHH,yes wishful thinking is good for the heart.

      "....give 'em maps to SKS's house, where you can entertain them (illegals), have a cookout for them, let borrow your car and comiserate together about unfair life is..."

      Uhh, yeah, ok, whatever that means.......

      I don't get this one....

      Anyways, those here, yep, still here. More enter and overstay as we "chat". More continue to drive as well. Facts.


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        I am glad I don't know you personally, because it seems you are one of those people judging everyone on the same grounds without thinking twice.
        You wouldn't know what I told who and when. Get your facts straight before you start accusing. Reading all your posts just shows your lack of knowledge.


        • #34
          I don't have to supply you with any information. Studying law? Are you a lawyer? If you are, I am very glad that I did not end up with someone like you to help me get everything in order. If you are a lawyer I can understand why you have so much time to post your comments here - my guess is you don't have many clients because of your hatred towards illegal people or legal people trying to better their future.
          I am working very hard to get my paperwork in order. And paying very much too (I pay taxes too). I have never worked illegal in America and have never been illegal for a single hour.
          Please don't try and judge me. You don't know half of what is really going on in my case and with several others. You base your knowledge in books, but get in that situation and you'll see it is totally a different story.


          • #35
            We overstay because we can have a better life in US despite limitations, risk and hardship of being out of status in comparison to life in our countries of birth.
            Illegals are like homeless people - they can stay in my neighborhood as long they do not hurt me and they do not make any crimes and they are not charge to me.
            There is a mismatch between employers looking for good workers and workers looking for a work. The only problem is with the federal laws that do not allow to give us work rights and visas.
            Something must be changed in your federal laws to let people work if they really want.


            • #36
              Are you sure all those Americans out of work, really wants to work???
              I've been working for a while now and I can tell you one thing I have much more respect for my work than most of the people I work with (Americans). They come to work late, not dressed properly and then just leave without any resignation or even a phone call.
              I am working in the human resources dept. and we have more "No call No shows" than I have ever seen before. Maybe if some Americans were more proud of their work, they will have work and employers won't be looking for hardworking immigrants instead of their own people.
              I never said I know everything of the immigration laws, but I was sharing my experience since I came here. I've got nothing against Americans, but do think that something needs to be done to some of the laws.
              Please don't attack my character as you don't know me, because if you did you would know I am a law abiding non-immigrant. Trying my very best to do what your laws request of me. I joined a church and are a Christian (that is more than you need to know) and you can say that I told lies, but you don't know what happened in my life so don't judge me. If you believed in what I believe (God) you would know that you are not the One suppose to do the judging...
              Melanie, I agree with you. As long as illegals don't harm me or my family I don't have a problem with them.
              Illegals do not take the jobs from Americans - employers just want the best and sometimes that is not the American.


              • #37
                "there are about 9 million Americans out of work now" they are not exactly unemployed people but people who are too lazy to get any job.
                The unemployed Americans are looking only for unemployment benifits and they cannot do anything or work anywhere because they are simply too LAZY!!!
                I do landscaping and after one week every American quits because it is too hard job for him and he is too lazy.
                They are enough jobs in US economy for both lazy Americans and hard working illegal aliens (good workers).


                • #38
                  I agree with you that if an American (or anyone for that matter) really wants to work, there are jobs for them. If you're not afraid to work hard and give your best every day, you will find a job.
                  I can just say the same to you: If someone really wants to work, they will find a job. And when they have a job and want to keep it, they'll make sure to give their best and not stay home whenever they're not in the mood for work...


                  • #39
                    If you were an employer, wouldn't you want the best candidate to work for you? Melanie wouldn't have interviewed the 12 million because you only interview people who apply for a job...


                    • #40
                      Sorry, we were talking about 9 million. My mistake


                      • #41

                        "Americans have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor without having to pay for the transgressions/medical bills/education of illegal aliens."

                        Then tell your government not to allow most of it.........immigrations are allowed an education.

                        What education "bills" do you speak of??

                        "If I was an employer (and I have been in the past) I first insist that any applicant be qualified and authorized to work in the US.."

                        Unfortunately, not all businesses do this.

                        As far as the jobs go, no illegal immigrant can obtain employment if an American business won't hire them. Simple. Put blame where it belongs. Job displacement has more to do with the business hiring practices. Tell me, can immigrants hire themselves??

                        Simple, no AMERICAN businesses hiring, no "job displacement."


                        • #42
                          No unemployed Americans would want to take up or have qualifications for any job that is currently in illegal hands.
                          Illegals do not take away jobs from Americans but they fill out shortage in US labor market which is very positive for American economy.

                          The main reason for big unemployment and low rates is the high cost of operation in Iraq not because illegals fill out unwanted jobs.


                          • #43
                            Before Iraq was 9/11 - you cannot blame illegal aliens for 9/11. Most terrorists were legal in US.


                            • #44
                              It is the time for the next amnesty and you will have no illegal aliens in US. Absolute zero!


                              • #45
                                "So Debman....why not confront your American colleagues with these "brilliant" and "insightful" opinions about the US workforce? I can just imagine their response....let's see, would they throw you a party? Or just throw you out? Why not try it and see?"

                                I am sorry someone12 but I don't understand what you mean by confronting my colleagues. Who do you want me to confront: Management that hire these people or the people that has no respect for their work???
                                Do you think someone would throw you a party if you confront them about lazyness or lack of respect for their work?


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