I entered the States in July to spend time with a long term friend for his birthday. We travelled to NJ for 2 weeks to vacation with his parents. We returned to Oregon, travelled again to Washington State for a week. While I was there, I loosely networked on a business concept I wanted to start in my country of origin. It was decided that I would return to South Africa for a few weeks and then re-enter in December, to enjoy Xmas and New Years with my friends. While back in SA, I continued to negotiate business ties with an American business owner, who then suggested, on my way back to Oregon, I go through Atlanta and spend a week, discussing prospective business dealings and then going to the CIS in his area, to enquire how to do this within the laws of Customs and Immigration. However, when I arrived in Atlanta, being asked my reason for entry, I told them I was there for business and to negotiate a potential opportunity. In my defense, I was extremely tired and not completely focused as I take medication to help with prolonged flights. He asked me to follow an officer to a 2nd interview department, where I was questioned extensively, then locked in room, then questioned again, locked up again, questioned again and again. This went on for 5 hours. I gave them the details of my hotel booking, the agenda meeting and the date of my flight out to PDX which was the Saturday. I gave them the contact details of the businessman I was meeting with and the number of my friend in Oregon. After hours of questioning, I was given a chance to make a phone call, which then ended in disaster with an Officer, shouting at me, making it impossible to hear what I was saying to my caller. I was then asked to sign documents and when I asked if I could have copies, I was told just to sign as instructed or they would ban me for 5 years from the States. I tried to read but was told it was unnecessary. I had asked for my glasses which was refused. The person heard what she was shouting. I was then asked to remove my shoes, all electronic equipment was removed and I was led into another room, where I was confined for 11 hours without food or water. Later that night, I was escorted onto the plane in front of all the seated passengers and told I would receive my passport when I am back on South African soil. I need help please because I am not able to return to the States now, a visa application having been denied when I tried to reapply when I got back. I have travelled for years without any problems but now that I have the freedom to do so, more than ever (my daughter has finished school, studying at University and doing life) I am now a security risk? Please help with any advice.