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Immigration Marriage Fraud

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  • Immigration Marriage Fraud

    Immigration Marriage Fraud - National Security

    If you are a United States citizen who is married Immigrant spouse (within your spouses initial 2 year Permanent Resident Card) and you have been Falsely Accused of State charges:

    If you have a gut feeling that you might be Falsely Accused in the future by your Immigrant spouse:

    Go to www csiinvestigations com and read Marriage Fraud 101

    Go to www immigrationfraudvictins com

    Go to: www immigrationfraud com

    If you do not understand my message above; let me attempt another avenue to explain my thoughts. All Nationalities Male or Female!!!

    All Nationalities Male or Female!!! If you want to reside in the United States of America quick and easy; just Marry an American.

    All is required is you have to be sweet, kind and lovable for a short period of time (one day, one week, one month or one year – pick your day) and Most importantly Learn about the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

    This is a very serious United States of America National Security concern.

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    Any kind of fraud is a serious crime. Is jumping the border or overstaying visitor's visa is a lesser crime? OH, But wait! Our beloved president wants to pardon millions of ILLEGAL immigrants.... Go figure!


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      I've written 10 letters to I.C.E. been in and out of immigration at least 30 times... I gave statements that I actually did the crime, gave proof including passport records and multiple wittnesses... Not only was the interview process a joke, we didn't have any pictures before our "marriage", no phone or email records. They didn't ask to see our passports.

      I know you will say I brought this on myself, but I didn't take money... and I tried to call it off early but I was threatened with accusations of rape. If they give this girl her 10 year visa, it means they do not care... and let me add when I reported it the lady at the desk said, "this happens all the time, and they don't really care about it."


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        Open letter to the President, first rough draft:

        Mr. President,
        We immigration lawyers have worked hard to get where we are.
        Many of us worked and/or volunteered with immigrants before becoming attorneys,
        with federal, state and local governments, non-profits and humanitarian and religious organizations.
        As a college student in Austin, I used to spend my vacation time driving pickup-truckloads of food across the border to the "colonies," makeshift shanty-towns in the desert where hundreds, thousands of Central American refugees had camped, not being allowed to cross our border. Some got through, many did not. Many died of depression and malnutrition in those camps…

        We are the first to tell immigrants when they do or do not need a lawyer. Most of us give free consultations to determine just that.
        So when you tell immigrants that they do not HAVE to hire a lawyer ("or a notary"),
        please remember to follow that up by telling your audience that if they ever DO need a lawyer's help,
        we are the only ones willing to do the incredible things it takes sometimes to get it done.
        And done right.
        The first time, or maybe the second, since we're dealing with incompetent government bureaucracies all day long.

        Thank you for your cooperation, sir.


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          The vawa what a piece of work this is . My wife followed theig game plan except they forgot to mention dont get caught cheating before you screaam abuse! They also fail to tell to poor innocent immigrate to not get arrested for domestic violence battery.
          To think that you will still get the prize of citizenship will be hard if at all. OH and if you lied at you first interview and the US spouse produces the truth just pack and go home


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