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Form N-400: Evidence for membership in organizations

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  • Form N-400: Evidence for membership in organizations

    Hi all,

    I joined this forum because I am in the process if filling out my N-400 form. I just finished listing all organizations, associations, groups, etc. and noticed that I am ask to "provide evidence to support" my answer. What kind of evidence are you typically providing? Like a bank statement that one paid one's AAA dues? Do I need a letter from my pastor that I am singing in his church choir? Or am I understanding this all wrong?

    Thanks in advance for chiming in on this,


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    By now, 173 people have read my post from last week but nobody found it important enough to respond. Well, my question was not meant as a joke but I am actually serious. Any help will be appreciated.


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      Hi pmueller,

      Obviously your participation in organizations/associations is a positive thing. You are integrating with American culture and becoming more "connected" to the US. You only need to enclose a letter to "USCIS Officer" that explains your participation in these groups. Just cover the name of the group, its purpose and how you participate. This will only help your application.

      There are a lot of confusing questions like that. So this company offers a low cost service that helps people prepare N-400. And they provide simple instructions for filing. https : // citizenpath . com/n-400
      Good luck


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        Hello Friend, N-400 is an Application for Naturalization. Usually most of the cases USCIS send a Request for evidence in Naturalization process. So what type of organizations and what you have every record should be legally documented. So submit all documents what you have related to the organizations such as press releases, photos, Government records etc.. Usually your Immigration lawyer take care of these documentation process. I hope you are trying individually. Contact your nearest attorney for better success in Naturalization process.
        Naresh Gehi
        Immigration attorney


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