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    Stuck: You haven't even filed for a waiver and you are already crying like a baby. Grow up. How can you know the results of a waiver request until you ask?
    Note the other responses: break the law, pay a price. Fact of life, like it or not.
    As far as OJ's trial, well, only a person with an IQ of warm water would honestly think he was innocent...come on, where are the other suspects? The trial itself was a travesty, but that has nothing to do really with your situation - the comparison was more tongue-in-cheek than serious.
    So try these instructions: if you are married and have filed an I 130 for your spouse at the consulate in S America, then also file an I 601 for a waiver of her's a $170 plus I think a few more bucks for fingerprinting (since she was in the US). Wait until the waiver is denied before singing the blues. I thought you had already applied for the waiver and it was denied. Do your homework.


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      Hey Bert: I am entitled to my opinions just as you are entitled to yours. Besides, I don't remember reading any useful advice from you, just mindless blather.
      Read my responses carefully: did I state that I was going to pronounce judgment on Stuck's situation? No. I only discussed the basic parameters of waivers and my own feelings about our rules and laws. If you don't believe in our rules and laws, well, what does that say about you?


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        I will be the better person an apologize for posting to this board. Laws are for lawyers. I'll just find a good one to iron out my situation. I am pretty sure there is someone out there whom fights for family unification, if not my family will enjoy traveling and seeing places other than the USA(land of the free haaaaaaa yeah right). We will make the best of our 10 years away if even. Again sorry for my ramblings.


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          I am not racist nor anti-immigrant, but people do have to abide by the laws.

          Aside from that, long has she been out of the US? You did not mention that. In the meantime try for a visa waiver and if that fails...Amsterdam is a wonderful country.

          Goodluck to you!


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            OJ did it. Anyone with the IQ of a jackass can see that.


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              Well then my friend why don't you go to Amsterdam, Holland?


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                Being a US citizen means a whole lot to me.


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                  This should be a comedy forum. I can write a sit-com from all of this. Maybe I should. Thanks for the laughter.



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                    Good luck in your situation Stuk.
                    We have our AOS interview tomorrow and I needed a good laugh. This did take on a comical theme ...again......good luck


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                      Dear Stuck: Apology accepted (if it was directed towards me). PLease, try the I 601; you could consider hiring an attorney to guide you thru the "write-up"; that is to say, you have to present evidence of some sort to the INS so they can adjudicate your request. If you just send in the form, well, they don't know you from anyone else. In your letter, you state why there will be Extreme Hardship to you and child if your wife cannot be admitted for (x) years. Besides statements, you will need other evidence. Consult an immigration attorney on this point.
                      As you have (or will) discover, merely being married does NOT bestow any rights to your spouse nor does the marriage instantly fix immigration problems that she may have.You have to be pro-active in this matter. Though you may be considering writing to a congressman, they do NOT have any authority over INS in this regard. They cannot legally "instruct" the adjudicator to grant a waiver. The adjudicator has to obey the rules and guidelines set in place by....(guess who) the Congress! Anyway, good luck.


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                        Aaaaah. Finally Anon. That's all I asked for. Some cool laid back advice. I appreciate your help because I am that sort of person. I will say sorry directly to you straight accusing you of hatred and anti-immigration. See the world can get along. Thanks for your guidance again.

                        -Soon to be Un-Stuck


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                          I have a problem with you, man.
                          You do not speak English and I therefore doubt very much that you are a USC!


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                            Yeah if you are a USC I am not, because I don't want to be associated with idiot Americans like you. You make me sick. Nazi.


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                              P.S Trajan. Tell me where you live and I will show you an urban *** beating.


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                                Stuck, why the hell don't you keep your ignorant and stupid *** off this board. You damn jackass. Your attitude is like the smell of a stinking pig.


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