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K1 visa, did not marry petitioner. Married USC, ready to file VAWA

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  • K1 visa, did not marry petitioner. Married USC, ready to file VAWA

    Hello, I am in need of advice.

    I came to USA in 2004 on K1 (Fiancé visa) from Lithuania. I find out that fiancé was cheating and we did not get married. I did not understand the law, that I suppose to leave the country in 3 months if I do not get married.

    In 2007 I got married to Naturalized American Citizen from Canada. Husband was an alcoholic, verbally and emotionally abusive, finally he had a long term affair with his employee. He never proceeded to petition for me, stating that we should wait for immigration reform and later on, he started threatening me with deportation. I fled him in January 2014 and moved back with my parents. I am getting ready to self petition under VAWA.

    I consider myself a part of this country. I learned the language, I worked as independent contractor and helping husband with a business and paid taxes, I have been volunteering all 10 years while I am here. I did not commit any crime or offense. I have SSN and legal driver`s license.

    I have been in the United States for 10 years now, married for 7. My mother and 17 year old sister live in USA and are naturalized American Citizens. My mom and step dad are sick. My sister is senior in high school. They all need my help. I cannot imagine living far away apart from my family and not be able to visit them.

    What are my options to become legal if VAWA gets approved and what if not? Or is there any other way to adjust the status.

    Thank you in advance for everyone`s time.
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