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    You still did not acknowledge the basic principles of this situation, namely someone working without permission and with a fake SSN. Of course, you, being a functional illiterate, don't understand why this is not considered normal behavior.
    And just what is it that you "won't allow?" You have no control over what someone wishes to say and you certainly lack the intellectual capacity to think for anyone else besides yourself (and even that chore must be challenging, judging from your incoherent statement and sentences).
    I know, why don't you lobby Congress for a change in our laws that says its ok to use fake documentation to work without permission in the US. And what's more, the illegals can start by taking your job. That should make you happy.


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      LOL Zembla!


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        No one is buying that old America-would-fall-apart without illegal immigrants argument. It's doubtful that any person in their right mind ever did. You've apparently been listening to the wrong parrot.

        If you go to the library (you know what that is, don't you?), you will find reference books listing every industry in the entire United States. Each industry is rated according to product, service, status, necessity, numbers of workers employed, dangers to general health, work accidents, and even work deaths -- to name just a few categories.

        (This is how insurance, Workers' Compensation, and Unemployment Compensation rates for employers are determined, by the way, and the data is also used for many other employment-related purposes as well.) Some even speculate that YOU picking fruit has only served to slow research, development and technology in ordinary agriculture advancements.

        America, its data, its structure, its systems, and particularly the societal effects of its labor force are obviously too complex for you to understand, or you wouldn't be making ridiculous claims about how important you are.


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          Erin, you committed fraud, and this can affect future efforts to remain/be legal, etc. You are either guilty of identity theft or possession of a fraudulent number, and you have earned money under a bad #, all of which will jump up and bite you eventually. You'll need an attorney.
          Bert, why would you encourage further deceit? Yeah, the laws are screwed up, but adding fraud, deception and possible identity theft to the mix won't help. If you're going to advise people here, be constructive. Don't help undermine an already overwhelmed and troubled system. and here's a reality check - although they deny it, the INS and IRS DO share information - they have to in an effort to deter this kind of fraud. That's why we employers get SSN mismatch letters from the IRS and have to report findings to INS. It's fraud, pure and simple, and shouldn't be supported.


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