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Federale's Immigrant Of The Day: Jessica Colotl

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  • Federale's Immigrant Of The Day: Jessica Colotl

    Apparently ran the border several times as an adult if she has a Mexican driver's license.

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    Apparently ran the border several times as an adult if she has a Mexican driver's license.


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      Deport her already. She's just another illegal who has a complete disregard for America.


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        I do not understand all the hoopla. She broke the law. Of course an arrest warrant should be issued. If I went to Mexico and got stopped with an expired passport, had no driver's license, lied to the police, and went into hiding, what would the Mexican government do to me? How long would I have to rot in a Mexican prison before being deported after paying exorbitant fines? How many Mexican civil rights activists would come to my aid? None!
        So why should it be different here? She broke several laws. She is a criminal. She is illegal. She should be deported.


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          This is one of the 65,000 reasons each year (who graduate from US high schools who were brought in illegally as children by their parents) why DREAM Act should become law of the land. Why reward an illegal behavior? Well, this is a case that shouldn't be frowned upon but one to be dealt with. These kids (or some adults now) are not going anywhere. They're here to stay. And the dirty secret is that we can't remove them all if we tried.

          The case in point, just like others, is a non-criminal human being who will be a boon, if given the chance to pursue her education and future employment, to the economy and to the society.

          In the not-so-distant past, the 9/11 hijackers were "lawful students" and who were "legal nonimmigrants" in this country. But look what they've done and remember what happened.


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            Exactly RN. People forget that often these "illegal immigrant" kids didn't ask to enter the USA. They were bought here by their parents when young. They didn't know they were illegal so why should they pay the price? The parents yes but not the kids. More on this story:

            Illegal KSU Student Speaks For First Time

            KENNESAW, Ga. -- A Kennesaw State University student in Georgia illegally has turned herself in and is now out on bail.

            Jessica Colotl, 21, is at the center of an intense immigration battle and she has become the face of immigration reform.

            Colotl was stopped for a traffic violation in March and failed to produce a driver's license. Police arrested her after learning that she was here illegally.

            Colotl came to the U.S. with her parents when she was seven years old, and was about to graduate from KSU.

            KSU President Dan Papp said that he encouraged immigration officials not to deport a student who is in the U.S. illegally, but did not overstep his bounds.

            "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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              No, she entered as an adult as the fact that she has a Mexican driver license attests to. Clearly she has been coming and going for a long time.


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                Okay, leave this one. So what to do with the millions others who were brought in as children? Oh I know, you'd say "deport them all." I'll ask you how. You'll say it's easy. I'll tell you it's not. If you'd want to discuss, I'll show you my point as long as you'll show me yours.


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                  I say we adopt the same immigration policy as Mexico. Illegals will not be tolerated. All immigrants must come legally and hold a well paying job. No benefits, including public schooling, for illegals. Remove the free welfare and schooling, and fewer will come.

                  How about that? Your solution is amnesty.


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                    That's the reason why USA is USA and Mexico is Mexico. I, as an American, prefer to assume the moral high ground. I don't want to stoop down to the level that you accuse them of having. You want to obviously.


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                      So, is Mexico's immigration policy racist?


                      • #12
                        I didn't say anything about race, you did. Answer your question.


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                          I asked you the question. Answer it.

                          A bit concerned aren't you.

                          You have two options:

                          1. Say it is racist, but then have to admit that Mexicans are racist. That is difficult because leftists always say that only white people can be racist.

                          2. Say it is not racist, then have to explain why you say why arresting illegal aliens in the U.S. is racist.

                          The real position should be that a nation may have immigration laws and enforce those laws without having leftists accuse them of racism.

                          Mexico's immigration laws are not racist. America's immigration laws are not racist despite the fact that the Government of Mexico says they are.

                          So, no if you say immigration laws are not racist, then you are then going to be accused of racism by your fellow leftists and the Government of Mexico.

                          Leftists always have such problems because they are hypocrites; hypocrites that have a double standard directed against America that is symptomatic of their hatred of America and of white people.


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                            Can't discuss on a more decent level, can you? So you're trying to pull me down to the narrow road of talk about race. 'Got any better tool?


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                              Where does it say she entered as an adult and where does it say she had a Mexican DL?
                              "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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