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If my country has some law about majestic can i apple for asylum in usa?

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  • If my country has some law about majestic can i apple for asylum in usa?

    im f-1 visa study in usa.
    my country has some law about majestic.
    if i say some bad thing about present king or past king or kind of king family.
    i could get Imprisonment 3-15 years.
    i dont know my country doesnt have freedom of speech.
    this case could get denied or not?

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    Hatori: I doubt that itself would give you any benefit to immigrate to the US. There are, believe it, or not, many countries that still today does not have freedom of speech whatsoever. You are an F1 visa holder, that is a non-immigrant visa and was approved to you by proving at the US embassy that you have no intention of immigrating. If you try to do otherwise (unless job offer sponsoring you for H1B, or through a close relative of a US citizen who would apply for you) you are committing visa fraud when dreaming about immigrating to the US. Again, this itself, will not help you in any way...and should not. Otherwise the whole world would immigrate to US.
    Besides Thailand there's many other countries, just that the people from those countries/their government keep this under the carpet, so not to reflect bad about themselves.
    Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.


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