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    Hi , I am 72 years old and i carry medical report N 648 , in Michigan state , with me in interview today on June 10th, 2014, and I have the form N648 on me ,the officer explain to me that this form has filled out by a doctor but there is couple thinks didn't filled in right way , like I have Alzheimer disease but doesn't explain what caused for you he just explain about the disease only so after discussing he said we will send you N 14 form 60 to 90 days in mail and you back to Dr and fix it up again ???? I need help with my status my question is would you tell me pls if they will send another letter for interview within 60 to 90 days or this processing for interview will done after filled the application n14 or N 648 I just confused ,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Mosaika: Yes, they will setup a second interview for you. By that time you have to have this cleared, otherwise on your second interview they will deny your application for naturalization. You got the N-14 form basically because you were lacking sufficient information/evidence on your N-648 that your doctor filled out. So, now they give you that form, plus 60-90 days to have this issue fixed and you will get a second interview date in the mail to which you will have to go and take along your fixed stuff, otherwise your naturalization will be denied. Now, I take this it wouldn't be that dramatic, you could just keep renewing your 10 year green card, but if you desperately want your citizenship, make sure you follow the instructions and have things fixed so that you are ready for your second interview. Again, they will mail you with a second interview date! Good luck!
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