Hello, I am a permanent resident of the USA since 2011 and married to an American citizen for 9 years now. My chance to apply for citizenship started in February but I am out of the country visiting my family in Mexico.My husband is out in Asia traveling, supposedly looking for work but the truth is that he's just wasting time and having fun with some friends, I have visual proof. He gave me a permission signed and notarized before he left so I could come to Mexico with our son, he is only two years old and was born in the US, he is an American citizen, but I only have the chance to stay out of the US for 12 months because of my immigration status.My husband is not providing any kind of support for us since November when he left and he has no way to go back to the US and/or come to Mexico, and maybe no intentions to do it any time soon.I need to go back and apply for my citizenship in the US but I am affraid to go back and never be able to obtain his permission to come back to Mexico with my son.Is there anyway I can go back to the US without my son and apply for citizenship, that way I don't have the risk of not having permission to come back to Mexico with my son?Is there any document I can get to be able to travel in and out of the US with my son without having to depend on my husband's permission? He is not responding as a father, not since my son was born, even if he says he wants to do it, his actions demostrate no real interest.I've never been in the US illegally; I am trying to find ways to be self sufficient and not having to depend on my husband anymore.I think it is very important for me to obtain the citizenship in case something comes up later, I want to be able to go in and out of my son's country without any problems.I will really appreciate some information.