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Houston Participants Needed: H-1B Program Study

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  • Houston Participants Needed: H-1B Program Study

    Participants Needed for Focus Groups to
    Suggest Process Improvements to the H-1B Program

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has initiated and funded a study to obtain external stakeholder perspectives on the H-1B adjudication process and to develop recommendations to improve that process. The USCIS hopes to better understand the dynamics of high-skilled labor markets in the United States to anticipate future demand and make program adjustments within their authority.

    Mathematica Policy Research and Migration Policy Institute (MPI) were selected by USCIS to conduct this study of the H-1B program. In Houston, one of four focus locations, FosterQuan has been asked to assist in recruiting participants from employers and H-1B employees who have previously used the H-1B program.

    To conduct the study, MPI is looking for participants in two separate focus groups:

    1. An H-1B employer focus group. For the employer focus group, the participants would be employer/industry representatives who recruit, supervise, work with or petition for H-1B workers; and
    2. An H-1B beneficiary (employee) focus group. For the beneficiary focus group, the participants would be past (within the last five years) and present H-1B visa holders.

    Each focus group will last approximately 90 minutes. The focus groups will be scheduled in December 2013, at a time and place convenient to most participants in the Houston area.

    Topics for H-1B Study Groups

    All information/insight provided in the focus groups will be confidential and will not be attributed to participants. Participants may choose not to reveal their company affiliation or their last name and may even choose to use an alias. The research unit of the USCIS is sponsoring the study, and no identifiable data will be shared with any enforcement or adjudication units of USCIS or any other Federal Government agency.

    The Government investment in this study indicates an apparent genuine interest in H-1B process improvement. FosterQuan believes this is an opportunity for employers and employees to provide constructive input that could benefit H-1B adjudication procedures.

    If you are interested in improving the H-1B program, please email Please also feel free to contact your FosterQuan attorney in confidence with any questions that you might have.

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    Recently my college conducted a webinar relating to stuttering problems study in orphans. This webinar was to tell us about a criticism study that was carried out by Wendell Johnson in Davenport Lowa. This study was named a monster study. We were provided with an overview of what it was and what was actual purpose. We were also guided with how it was a failure and due to unresolved psychological trauma caused to stutter groups, the results were never published.


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      including reasonable comments here... RTP live hari ini


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