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Conditional Green card but facing divorce

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  • Conditional Green card but facing divorce

    I'm seeking help for my wife who has a conditional residency green card that was based on our marriage last year. Long story short, we met while she was on a student visa, dated, married shortly after, then applied for the jointly applied for her permanent residency. But we now seek divorce. We're still within the 2 years of the conditions, not even a full year since she was granted the green card. Point blank, i cheated. I cant say that we can work it out because i am having a baby due to my indiscretions. My wifes concern is that if we divorce, she loses her green card. I did do something wrong but i dont want her to lose her ability to stay here. Since shes been here shes been a student at a local college and is almost done. Id hate for her to lose the opportunity to make it here because of my screw up. Is there a way that she can keep her status in spite of the divorce. I ran across this older forum post but not sure if it applies to us.


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    How long its been to your marriage?
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          it out because i am having a baby due to my indiscretions. My wifes concern is that if we divorce, she loses her green card


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