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I-751 Filing Before Divorce Finalized

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      What in the world was that 'Cloning' all about? In case you did not know there is a HUGE difference between AI and cloning...

      As far as "Bye-Bye's" comments - why do you think I am a liar? I am actually the victim (to a degree) of a manipulative controlling individual who has used my immigration status as an opportunity to try and force me to have children against my wishes.

      I do not have to explain myself to anyone but I will rant a little bit...

      For those that do care about what is going on:

      1) My wife is indeed pregnant (through AI).
      2) I have filed an I-751 (with her signature)
      3) I will be moving out within a few weeks
      4) My lawyer has told me that the Dr. broke
      ethical guidelines when he performed the
      procedure on a married woman without her
      husband's consent.
      5) I will be considered to be the child's
      father by the U.S. gov't. My only hope is
      a long court battle that is likely to end
      up in front of the Supreme Court as there
      is no case law defined for this particular
      scenario. My only hope is that I never
      provided written consent as is required by
      6) Quite frankly I have had it. Unlike many
      people, I do not need to live in the U.S.
      to be successful. I have a strong network
      back in Canada that I can lean back on.
      7) When/If I do decide to leave, 7 U.S.
      citizens will directly loose their jobs
      when I fold my business. Not to mention
      the tens of thousands of dollars that I
      personally contribute to the U.S economy
      (let alone the $5 Million dollars my
      company pays out to other US businesses
      every year.

      What am I guilty of? Falling in love with someone I thought I knew and leaving everything behind to be with her. When I realized that I just could not bring myself to have more kids, I was put into a position where I became powerless over my own destiny. She now will have her children (may be a multiple child pregnancy), and I will end up with nothing.

      So "Bye-Bye" why do you think that I am the jerk? It makes no sense other than you just must be a selfish - closed minded person. I think you have identified the victim wrong in this situation.


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        Cloning is about having a baby COMPLETELY yours, while AI is having a baby with someone who may not agree to.

        ARQU -- how it is possible that your wife got herself pregnant with your sperm, if you didn't want to leave her pregnant?


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          I am about to divorce my wife (the USC). Talk about unstable! She made a art out of changing her mind, often several times a day, and she was the one who wanted to leave the marriage, not me. She had 2 kids by 2 different fathers and married neither one of them! Why didn't I see it before???? Then wanted $300 a month for a year, which then became 2 years and veiled threats of going to the INS and telling them a bunch of lies!

          I am one of those in the conditional PR status too, except my GC expires in Sept 2003 so still time to apply. But I've had to wait one year before being able to file divorce (thanks to NC law). She finally agreed to a divorce and said she'd file in FL (where she now is) back in September this year but as usual, nothing has happened.

          I've got fed up of all the feet dragging. So at great expense to myself, I've had to get a lawyer locally to do it. But at least I'll be rid of her. And "B" and the others, there are some weird and vindictive ones out there. We are not all suspicious immigrants out for a quick GC I can assure you.


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            Regarding getting pregnant without the child's father permission: I've read that some disgusting women take the used condoms from the trash can and keep them in refrigerator...then they go to the fertility doctor and have him inseminate the sperm taken from the condoms into their eggs. And, voila, a baby is created...


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              this is the low down dirty.. .. give her what she wants.. but not yours.. go to the S. bank if not possible, put an add in the paper and collect it your self and wala!! i am sure the test will come before the 90 days..


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