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  • Tips for marriage interview

    I would be grateful for tips on what to expect on our marriage interview.

    Thank you,

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    I would be grateful for tips on what to expect on our marriage interview.

    Thank you,


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      check this website under
      under Immigration Hints and tips and it will give you lots of info.
      Good Luck..
      Please updates us!


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        Here is the biggest tip I can give you... RELAX!!! The interview is almost a formality unless they suspect that you are trying to get away with an 'immigration marriage'. We were not asked ANY real questions at our marriage based interview. The ajudactor had us swear an oath, asked us what our names were and if we had entered into the marriage in good faith - THAT WAS IT. Other than that he just went over all the papers we had filed and had us wait while he processed them.

        But whatever you do - ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH! If you do that and your marriage is legit - you will be fine...


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          As above... my tip - relax and tell the truth!

          Our interview was a piece of cake. It's hard not to be nervous, but remember, if you are legit, you have nothing to hide....just be yourselves.

          Chances are, they'll ask a few questions - nothing major - and that'll be it.... with us, the guy just went over our paperwork and asked us to confirm various details. It wasn't until afterwords that I realized he had been very subtly checking us out. For example, he asked me my date of birth, but deliberately turned the month and day round to see if I would correct him. Things like that. But it was done in a relaxed way - so much that I didn't even notice at the time - and I went in there more than ready to pick up on when they were fishing for mistakes. So basically, if you listen to what you're asked, answer it honestly and genuinely, you have nothing to worry about. Our guy was mostly just interested in our taxes - the rest was of little or no interest to him.

          My other top tip - make sure you have copies of EVERYTHING - they get very funny about having to copy anything - like you're asking them for blood or something!

          Otherwise - be honest, and be yourselves. If you are a genuine couple, then that will shine through and if you ask me - at our interview, they had figured out we were genuine within the first couple of minutes - purely by the way we talked to each other and interacted with each other. The interviewer was asking us questions but looked like he couldn't be bothered. I went to give him letters and a couple of cards from friends and he didn't even read them - he looked at the envelope as I held it to him and he went "letters from friends? fine" - made a note in the file and that was it. For all he knew, I could've had a blank piece of paper in the envelope! That's the efficient INS for ya!

          You will be fine! And if you want to see an INS officer look nervous.... be as friendly as you can towards them - they don't know what to do with that! Hee!

          Good luck!


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            I was so nervous that I went to the restroom about 5 times in 45 minutes before my actual interview took place. My wife and I had a 2 year old child together at the time so it might have helped in us having a very short interview (about 5 minutes). The officer actually took a phone call from his wife while attending to us. He just asked about 4 questions and that was it.


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              Our interview didn't last very long either.

              He looked at our family album, ask questions about my parents, read some letters we had sent each other and that was it.

              And yes, the lovely bathroom was visited by me numerous times too


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                Thank you everybody for your responses. You're so sweet!


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