I have never been married, I have a 6 year old with my ex. I will be moving to Canada to marry my fiance, Once permanent residence/citizenship
is established my husband and I will be moving back to the US. My ex and I have an agreement that until my new husband and I have a stable set up, our son will
stay with him so he can conintue out his school year, and i'll be moving back to this town soon. My question is, all of this is a verbal agreement.
I was told by an online consultation that immigration will want to see that "the child is admissible" How can that be done? Can a written letter,
signed and dated in front of a public notary be enough? Or does the father and I have to go to court have this taken care of there?

We would rather not have to go to court at all. If we did go to court, how long do you think it would take? Is there any way around having to take
this to court since the father and I are on good terms and are agreeing to this arrangement?

Sorry for the lack of details, but yes, i'm fully aware of all that has to go into becoming a permanent resident. I realize there are many applications and it is very costly, complicated and time consuming. But the main question at hand is, how do I go about proving that my son is "Admissible" without having to go to a court with his father and having a judge listen to the situation.

Would having the father write a letter, signed and documented by a notary be enough for CIC? We just don't want to go the route of a court.

Thank you for any input and knowledge
Canada Immigration
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