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  • approved i-601 waivers?

    I am applying for an I-601 waiver for my fiancé who lives in Ecuador. Has anyone had an I-601 waiver approved for either their FIANCE (regardless of the country) OR spouse who lives in Ecuador?!? If so, could you please post your hardship letter and any other information that you feel might be helpful in preparing a strong argument for my letter? Any help would be greatly appreciated since I cannot afford to pay an immigration attorney at the moment. If you don't feel comfortable posting your letter publicly on this thread feel free to send me a private message!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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    I recently assisted a husband/wife from El Salvador. He is in the US and she left for her Visa appointment. She was given the notice for the I-601 waiver. The 1st time we did not submit what they considered hardship. This was some letters, birth certificates for the kids and marriage cert for them. The notice of denial came back and we were given 1 more chance. This time the packet was about 100 pages. We included the same as the 1st time, along with many many letters from friends and family, pictures of the kids, he went to a psychologist for his depression so the doctor's letter was included, she went to the doctor in El Salvador with the kids since they were supposed to be on asthma medicine and needed that, letters from the kids school here in the states. We also included proof of the countries gang activities, that I got from the Dept of State website., I just included the complete document for the country. Here is the link for Ecuador: . Just remember 1 persons approval is not the same as the next person, the decision is based on the Immigration Officer reviewing the documents. I would just say to include everything that you possibly could and more. Good luck!!


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