Hi all,

I hope someone may be able to offer some advice.

While visiting my mom in the US last year on a visa waiver, I met a girl and we married (we had known each other for a few years and met up again and hit it off and decided we didn't want to leave each other so got married. All was going well until some problems arose. Her behaviour started to change and when i spoke to her father about it he advised me that she was basically an alcoholic (i knew she liked a drink but had no idea of underlying problems. I tried to raise this with my ex and in the end this ended up coming between us which led to the break down of communications in a quick space of time. Three months later we divorced.

My immigration attorney in the US sent a notice to USCIS and cancelled the AOS interview and green card application and I returned to Ireland. This was all before the 180 overstay time period. I have since been back to the US and have no problem travelling on the visa waiver today.

However now I am thinking about applying for a family based visa through my mom who is LPR. I know that a marriage that ended after just three months looks bad but it was genuine and we have photos of both our families attending etc. My worry is that USCIS may think it was a sham marriage and deny the Family based green card application. Is this likely to happen or will they give me a chance to prove that it was real?

Thanks for your advice.