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    I am new to this forum but I am determined to find answers for my mother. First some background information. I was born in 1983 in Lebanon. My family was fleeing the War that was going on and we came to the United States on my father's student Visa in 1986. He dropped out of college and we became overstays. Fast forward 25 years....I have a younger sister who was born in the United States and just recently turned 21. She is now able to sponsor my mother however we have hit another road block. In moving over the years and things that happened along the way we have lost our I94 forms and the only passports we have were issued from Lebanon. I'm no sure if it is because it was so long ago but these passports are written (by hand) in Arabic and have not been regarded (in many attorneys opinions) as solid entry documents. I filled two separate I 102 forms and both were denied. My question is, what am I doing wrong? How can I go about getting proof of entry from over 25 years ago? My mother has lost two brothers and a father and has never been able to properly say goodbye. Her mother (my grandmother) is getting older and I fear that she will not have the opportunity to see her before she passes. Any information in the right direction is valuable. Thanks for your time in ready my post. Maya

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    You did not get a denial, you got a reply that said there was no record. In any event, you are in the U.S. illegally, and cannot leave nor can your mother. Your sister may sponsor your mother but that will not solve your problem.


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      I am in the process of applying for the Dream Act. I am much more worried about getting my mother's situation handled than my own. As I stated, she has not seen her mother in over 25 years and it is my top priority to help her do that. Do you have any advise about what to do next since they did not find any information federale86?


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        Your mother is here illegally and is free to depart, but she cannot legally re-enter the United States.


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          This isn't a really quick solution but you can file a freedom of information act request to get a copy of the old record. it is form g-639 and you can get it at


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