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    Ive called USCIS to ask what I should do. They really didn't have much to say, except for confirming that I would need a state or government id. And to try and take it up with the DMV. So I did, all they said was that if I didn't have a green card they would need proof of citizenship to get me a TX id, and then suggested I should take it up with USCIS.

    The one option left was to call the Mexican consulate.I did and they said I could go to the consulate and get a Mexican passport and one of those id cards they issue. With only my birth certificate, school transcript, and school id card.

    But would those forms of id do me any good as far as the USCIS goes.Every time I asked the people at the consulate they just said they were official documents. I could get those as soon as Monday but would it just be a waste time and money.


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      They will accept foreign-issued passports as ID, so the Mexican passport should work.
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        True Aroha, a foreign passport should do the trick. Go and get one ASAP inh.
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          I got the passport. Hopefully that will be enough to get me in.


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            Interviews are conducted for N600s. Tak is wrong, again.


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              I assume they would at least want to see the original documents since all I gave them were copies. And maybe ask me some basic questions. But the word interview is not found on the letter I received. All it reads is "N600 and Oath" at the top and below that the time and the place. Then the list of things I should bring with me, which I listed in in the first page. Then the signature of the district director. And that's it. But I will go in expecting an interview.

              federale do you have any idea what I should expect in a interview?


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