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    Detroit, like a lot of other cities went through a process of socialist leveraging that finally popped. It's not as apparent because even during the boom years that city saw little if any increase in home values. The 2001-2007 bubble merely slowed the descent. The eventual collapse caused a whiplash to financial equilibrium. It's where they would be anyway, with or without the bubble.

    The question to ask is, why doesn't anyone want to live in detroit. Could it be there is a city income tax of around 2.5%. This is above and beyond the state tax. Alto very high. Most cities don't have an income tax. This began in 1964. Hmmm, that's about the time that detroit starting seeing a decline in growth. There are also special additional taxes of 5% on various other things, utilities, gas, and others. This is above and beyond sales tax. Again, just for the city, not the state and also unusual because few other cities impose such a thing. All this did was make their financials worse. The people that were expected to pay for it left. All that remain are the reasons the taxes are so high, entitlement minded thugs and criminals. Couple that with the decline in manufacturing, also caused by a socialist agenda. The unions strangled the auto industry and opened the door for foreign companies to steal it away. See 1970's. The first thing to look for are the places to work. If those are boarded up or burned down, don't bother looking for the residents.

    Almost forgot. There won't be a lawsuit from google or anyone else. You must produce evidence of damages to sue. They can't. Not because it doesn't exist. It is inadmissible due to it being classified as a matter of national security. If they try, the government will merely suppress the evidence for the previously stated reasons and demand a summary judgment for failure to state a claim. They'll get it and the plaintiffs will be left standing there completely vulnerable to what ever retaliation comes there way, irs, epa, osha, etc.

    Why they opened their mouths to begin with is a mystery, and stupid. There were gag orders served as is always the case when the guys in suits and sunglasses casting long dark shadows appear at your door. There will be some penalty box time for even asking to release anything. Acknowledging there was any interaction with the NSA is itself a crime as far as national security goes.
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      ILW has been failing for a long time

      Originally posted by MakeItRight! View Post
      I only check in once in a while to see whats happening, Its been over a week and some of my posts have stayed without response. Hmmm??? Is ILW failing??? I am not seeing anything really new after many days, I guess many do see that we are suffering from neglect in this country, And Our current administration somehow has not really held up to its initial Promise. So tricky how things work in the higher places. One might think ohhh yes I am voting for him he understands me. We all get screwed in our lives at one point or another. The only problem this time is We ALL got Screwed!!!
      Yes, ILW has been failing ever since Michelle Kim left as Legal Editor. What to do? . . . It's all about people, not making money hopping on the EB-5 band wagon, which ILW has seemed to do. Frankly, in my opinion the current editors fall down on the job. ILW is not lack luster and lame, with a few big immigration law firms dominating the space.

      And by the way, I am not a "Junior Member" . . . I was contributing to ILW on an almost daily basis with opinion letters and featured articles way back from when they first began. Because of an email glitch I had to re-register and have been demoted to Junior . . . How insulting. Just Google "David D. Murray" to see my contributions to ILW. After Michelle Kim resigned and they initiated the lame format and lack of personal attention, I complained and never received any response. Well, that's the current editorial policiy, so don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I wonder where he is anyway? . . . If you are a long-term subscriber to ILW Letters to the Editor, you will know what I mean.

      And frankly, "My dear, I don't give a damn." . . . .
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        I think the intent of the OP was pointing out the loss of excitement, intrigue, and banter that used to be a daily occurrence. If other changes simultaneously took place, it's probably part of a greater plan to realign their focus. I'd guess, towards things more profitable. Even lawyers need to make a buck. Pun intended.
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          The facts don't support your conclusion. High taxes, oppressive anti-business governance, and socialist unions wrecked havoc on a city that once was as described, but no more. It's a demonstration of the inevitable failures that result from left leaning agendas put into practice. You get what you pay for.
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            You said in the prior post the demise of Detroit was rooted in racism. Now it's corruption that's the culprit? If these two are commingled then the conclusion is the government that existed at the time was both corrupt and racist. Interesting, given the then leadership was led by liberals who weren't shy admitting their political bent. From that we can surmise a liberal tending government is by its nature, racist and corrupt. I agree with the points made thus far. In the contrary in both form and function, conservatism must be by its nature honest and not racist. The better form of government as demonstrated by those areas of the country with a more right leaning governing body. Im glad we agree and have a good weekend.
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              I did read it just as I read this one. You proved my point. You left because of the crime. So did a lot of other people. Who's going to live in a dangerous area and on top of it be forced to pay a premium for doing so? Remember those tax rates.

              No one forces anyone to live anywhere much less be rounded up and shoved into a ghetto. It's a living standard of their own making. The skirmishes of the sixties were not riots and certainly not race based. The police began cracking down on illegal bars and the depravity in their midst. A few of those episodes got out of control but it was the criminals and lawbreakers front row center of those outbreaks. Just like the L.A. riots. It wasn't about any specific incident or person associated with an injustice. It was nothing more than the criminally minded seizing an opportunity to pillage and plunder.

              The 'higher ups' in that city may not have divulged the entire truth to the writer. That or your author isn't being completely honest. Job security which is accompanied by bloated pensions and payrolls pressure a lack of improvement. Decent citizens don't required vast swaths of police and fire protection. They certainly don't need government intervention in every facet of their life. There is a lot that could be done to improve detroit but it requires admitting the true nature of its faults in order to apply the necessary cure. If the average person there sides with your allegations it isn't going to happen.
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                ("The reason why my car was stolen was because i refused to date that black guy, which was an honest no, based on the fact that i dated another black guy, but to him it was a rejection of a white woman, he felt i was 'better' or 'superior' than him, and so i suffered my car being stolen. ")

                You've got to be kidding. A rapist would love to have you on their jury.

                I never applied a race tag to anything I've written. Criminal conduct isn't a race situated event. It stands on its own and isn't justified or mitigated by race, gender, or anything else. Playing the race card doesn't excuse it and never will. It only hampers fixing that which you say exists.

                Everyone should be held to the same standard of civil behavior. Saying no should not result in criminal retaliation and by your tone, be excused. Surely you wouldn't dismiss it if it were someone like yourself, would you? No. For that reason, the true racists are those that hold different standards based on color. You proved the very thing you suspected predicated your car being stolen.
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                  There is usually no excuse for criminal conduct. Save the circumstance of someone stealing bread because they are starving, most crime is rooted in a lack of respect for another person's property and unacceptable. That's as far as the understanding needs to go and should be very limited at that. Race nor any other factor should weigh into it. Stealing a car falls well beyond the immediate need to eat.

                  Did you have the person prosecuted? If it were someone of a different origin would you have responded differently? If yes, then you're expressing a racial bias. That's what needs removed. Whether it be preferential treatment, lower standards, or anything else where a change in standards is permitted it only serves to put the person it applies to in a lower status.
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                    It should be left up to the police to determine what constitutes evidence. Admitting to it and being in possession of a stolen car on a prior occasion is probably enough for a conviction. Spoliation of evidence should be looked up. That and being an accessory, which you are since your knowledge of two auto thefts rises to the level of probable cause.
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                      It's not pain, but racial grievance mongering that is encouraged by Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder and other of their ilk.


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                        Originally posted by davdah View Post
                        A person's mom would want to see a photo. I don't think the government should take it upon themselves to go on these data witch hunts greedily snatching up everything in sight. The only reason for it is to chip away at our privacy and make it that much easier to locate anyone they want when they want. An auspicious act for one goal. Greater control.

                        Some might argue that if there is nothing to hide, why worry. However, if the government works for us, why are they doing it? It's like the maid going through your mail and recording who sends you letters.
                        Actually I Have Removed Facebook, Twitter, Verizon, Google Anything from my travels. It wont last Because All of them are in there, But I refuse to Become a Pawn/Slave of the System! They Already have so Much of our lives already! I Phone All Location Services OFF!! Is real Shame What Is Happening in this country, There are Other Ways but Guess What, Most of the ones that work Come from the other side of the world!!! Real Shame
                        USC and Legal, Honest Immigrant Alike Must Fight Against Those That Deceive and Disrupt A Place Of Desirability! All Are Victims of Fraud, Both USC and Honest Immigrant Alike! The bad can and does make it more difficult for the good! Be careful who y


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