I'm a permanent resident since 06/15/2008 and will be filing N-400 shortly. My wife is not US citizen nor a permanent resident and currently live in Russia with our son who is american citizen by birth.
In Part 8 of N-400, section B5 I need to disclose current address of the spouse, so it should be her russian address, right? Do I put Russia in the box where it says "State" as there is no special box for "Country"?
Then, again in Part 8 section E, I need to enter spouse's immigration status. What should I put there? She is citizen of Russia and currently has no any immigration status.
Then in part 9, I need to provide information about my son and he is US citizen living in Russia, do I put his Russian address?

Now, in the document checklist it is noted that:
"If you have a dependent spouse or child(ren) who do not live with you, send:
Any court or government order to provide financial support;and
Evidence of your financial support (including evidence that you have complied with any court or government order), such as:
Cancelled checks;
Money and receipts;
A court or agency printout of child support payments;
Evidence of wage garnishments;
A letter from the parent or guardian who cares for your child(ren).

Does this apply to me? We currently dont leave together but we are still legally married and I will bring them over as soon as we can file for my wife.

Please advise and thank you for your help!